5 A New Place

After one hour:

"What's he doing? Not opening the door. That bitch boy."

Someone opened the door and it was Tana.

"Wooh..! Ama! Why did you leave the party without telling me? What were you thinking?"

"Nothing. I was too tired and you were having fun that's why I....", she scrapped her hands in her pajamas.

"Okay. Don't stand there. Come in".

"Whoa..." Tana held her wrist and pulled her boldly inside and also closed the door.

"Hey, Miss Aulds!" "Hawaii", Ama greeted Nathan waving her hand.

"So your name Ama Aulds?".

The voice she heard was familiar and looked beside her at once. She saw a lengthy pretty object giving her a polite smile.

"Hmph! He's my friend, Miss Aulds. You met him. He told us about your ride laasst nightt..", he told that line meanly and was smiling.

"Nothing happened. He just dropped me outside my hotel. That's it! nothh..."

"Nat! Do you have anything in the fridge? I am really hungry", he stopped her whole sentence.

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Ama was confused about whether to speak or silence.

"I have prepared breakfast. Let's go there. You too Tana", Nathan pointed Tana to also bring Ama and started for the living room.

That guy also ignorantly passed by Ama and caught up with Nathan.

"What are you doing standing there? Come on!"

"Yeah, coming"

Ama said distractedly, "My talking is that bad.."

"What are you mumbling, Ama?"


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