1 A Lucky Girl With Much Thought

"Ama, Ama!" Tana was yelling in the hallway.

"What happened? Why are you barking so loudly?" Ama asked Tana from her room with a confused look.

"It's your fiancée. He's asking about you. Why aren't you receiving his call?"

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"Oh god! He's too caring", Ama said with a disturbed look. "You are really lucky! He allowed you to visit Paris and stay in this fancy hotel. He even gave you much money for shopping."

"Lucky! My ass."

Tana didn't want to see Ama's temper and went straight to her room. "Showing my temper just because of having a rich fiancee. That bitch!"

Ama's eyes were lost in thoughts. After a moment, she came back to sense and look around the room she was staying in. "Well! Why I am getting so tensed? Everything's gonna be fine. I will surely find a way before I leave Paris. Until then I am going to have some real fun!!!"

Ama went straight towards to Tana's room, "Tana! Tana! What are you doing?" Ama saw Tana was busy with her phone and smiling.

"Ama, look an old of mine is in Paris. He has invited us to his party. Let's go there," Tana said that with much excitement.

"You sure it will be ok?"

"Yeah!!! And there will be many hot dudes."

Ama thought for a second and said, "Let's go. Bang then."

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