1 I- The Awakening

At the age of 19, no one would care to see Jeon playing with his shaft in front of a magazine with naked macho boys. Hes been doing this for years since he was 17, the first he realized the pleasure of jerking his meat off.

After several strokes, he can feel his to throb and white liquids shot out like fountains.

It's his sinful habit. A habit he won't tell a soul.

"J, we have a new tenant upstair... might as well you greet them?"

"Mom, do I always have to do that? Old people doesn't what to be bothered."

"They're not old- now go!"


"Hello?" He peeped at the door.

"Oh, hi..." A handsome young man came out the door.

"Are you the new tenant?" Jeon asked.


"Hi, I'm Jeon. The owner's son. Nice having you here. I hope you enjoy your stay."

The moment they shook hands, Jeon felt blood rush to his face.

"You're with someone, right?"

"I'm with my classmate, Regie. You studying?"

"Yeah, at Bradford."

"Really? Are you a freshman? What major?"


"It must've been fate! I'm an astronomy major too! But I'm already a sophomore."

"Great! I hope we could get along with each other."

Jeon rushed inside his room after reporting to his mom. He could already feel his beasty meat wriggling off it's cage.


"I hope we could get along with each other"

Clang! Boom! Crash!

"Help!" It's Regie.

Jeon jumped to help Regie who is now struggling in the bath tub with the shower curtain wrapping his body. Jeon grabbed the curtain but his palm met Regie's slender snake.

They both locked their gaze on each other's eyes. Jeon felt his face burn with shame. When Damien rush to help, his beast touched Jeon's butt. Rubbing between the cut.


After the commotion, Jeon cant stop d the heat the room envelopes them.

What's wrong with them? Have they no shame?

"Jeon, the two boys asked me if you could go shopping with them."

"No, mom. I'm sleepy." Excuses.

"It's still 7pm! Go with them, dinners at 9:00"

"But that too late!"

"I told you the microwave is broken. it'll take me an hour to cook us dinner."

They walked past the first store that sells pets. Jeon suddenly feels uncomfortable with two guys. But the two seemed to enjoy Jeon's predicament. Then it rained. They have no choice but to stay sheltered under the dark and narrow alley.

Not a second passed and they heard ruffled moans. Jeon's hair stood at the back of his spine. Regie is cocky enough to sneak and peeped at a hand made tent near the unused pipes. There were four shadows. Two girls and two guys. The girls were doing oral and the two guys laid their back, feeling the tongue that their erect possession is getting. One of the girls knelt down and inserted her partners stick into her hole. grinding g and moaning. Bouncing and cumming. The other guy flipped his partner to her back and began to pound.

The sound coming from the tent were ruffled and sinful.

Jeon's muscles stiffened and his face turned pale. his throat dried and was even more shocked when Regie reached for his zipper.

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