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Boundless (VRMMORPG)


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Kirito is 2nd place in the game boundless and was planning to challenge 1st place to a duel to decide who was 1st and who was 2nd but just as he was about to make an announcement in the forums of him challenging he suddenly hears a knock and sees it is actually the 1st place player and he also sees is holding a gun in his hand and he hears a bang and he also hears “Sorry but you are a threat to my 1st place.” And he blacks out but then meets a goddess and she says “I will reincarnate you into right before the games launch oh and I will also give you protagonist luck and you will remember every single little detail from your past life even if you don’t remember it.” And I get whisper into a portal and my adventure begin as but this time I’m super luck and overpowered. (The MC is OVERPOWERED) (I HATE GRAMMAR DO BOT EXCEPT GOOD GRAMMAR AT ALL TO BE HONEST IM LAZY”