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ATTENTION AUTHOR IS A NEWBIE THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WRITING IF U FIND ANY MISTAKES PLEASE INFORM ME THRUOGH COMMENTS '''WHEN U ARE DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE , THERE IS A FEAR OF LOOSING HIM / HER . THERE IS A PROMISE TO PROTECT HIM/ HER SOMETIMES U STILL GIVE IT A TRY BUT SOMETIMES BECAUSE OF FEAR U DON'T EVEN TRY'S IT AND REGRETS EVERY DAY ''' this a story of two people who are deeply in love with each other but even after 9 years are not able to confess to each other because of fear of what if she rejected , what if he love someother girl , what if got to know about my dirty side and leaves me , what if she came to know about my devil side and hates me there were many what if 's in their mind whose answers were still unknown This story is of the young heiress of Lopez family ONE OF THE RICHEST FAMILY OF USA CALISTA LOPEZ WITH AGE OF 27 YEARS .the Ceo of one of THE BIGGEST JEWELLERY CORPORATIONS IN WORLD ''LOPEZ DREAMINGS '' ALSO known as the queen of underworld by name '' BLACK ANGEL '' LOVES HIM WITH HER WHOLE HEART BUT FEARS TO CONFESS THE young heir of SMITH FAMILY ANOTHER BIGGEST FAMILY OF USA "XANDER SMITH" CEO OF THE NO. 1 BIGGEST CORPORATIONS IN WORLD '' CALDER CORPORATIONS '' ALSO KNOWN AS THE KING OF UNDERWORLD BY NAME OF '' WHITE DEVIL '' LETS join the journey of both of their life with a lots of romance , mystery secrets , action ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ps. if this book is not your cup of coffee please don't hesitate to leave about author . PEN NAME - GOODFORNOTHING IF U HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR MY STORY PLEASE TELL ME IN COMMENT SECTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS IS MY ORIGINAL NOVEL THE COVER IMAGE DOESN'T BELONGA TO ME IF U HAVE ANY PROBLEM P,EASE ONCE TELL ME IN COMMENT SECTINN OF FIRST CHAPTER I WILL DEFINITELY REMOVE IT THANKS FOR GIVING MY BOOK A TRY. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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