Bounded by BloodBounded by Blood

Bounded by Blood

by marichat_nettenoir

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*THIS NOVEL IS NOT ORIGINAL* (And do note one thing, if you’re not a huge fan of blood, it’s best you don’t read this.) At one second, Madison’s applying for a regular job to be the executive assistant to one of the most powerful and influential people in the world, William Grant. At the next, she finds out that New York is run by an elite community, and a creature that she never believed existed did exist. ----------------------------------------------- William Grant is one of the six powerful clan leaders, while Madison Grey is a regular girl, with a normal life. P.S. The cover is made by my dear friend, Reed. The cover's pictures were taken off of Pinterest. P.S.S. Hateful comments are not recommended. Criticism is fine, hate for no reason, isn't. Hateful comments will be deleted immediately.

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