1 The Plan

"Are you sure this is the location the auction will take place?" Aerith asked Ravi again while looking at the three dimensional map and architectural interior design of the so-called auction house where the underground bidding would take place.

Aerith doesn't want to go anything against their plan that was why she was triple checking everything. Every minute details counts.

"Yes. My contact checked the location himself and he confirmed it." Ravi assured her.

Aerith nodded thoughtfully. "Does your contact have any idea if if this could possibly a trap to lure us? Knowing what they've got in their hands?"

"The people fascilittating the auction knew what they got in their hands, but nor who, and they're greedy, so at most they want the profit, as long as they don't know their status then they won't be in danger for the mean time. So there's no trap and they won't be expecting us, but let's still be vigilant." Ravi told her.

Ravi was one of Aerith's generals, and a wise one, so she agreed on what he said, but it doesn't help her from worrying. This rescue operation means everything to her.

A few weeks ago, Aeriths's sister - Ellie - had lost contact with her, she got worried and went to visit her sister, but all she saw when they arrived was an empty house, and her sister and niece, and her sister's lifebound was gone. There was a struggle and a fight, it was obvious, but that doesn't give them much clue on what had happened. Aerith tried locating her sister via their familial bond but she couldn't reach her, that only means either she was unconscious, dead, or she was brought to another dimension.

Yes, besides the earth where people lived, there were pockets of dimensions, but normal people won't ever know about it or couldn't access it, unless their awareness was heightened or cultivated. It takes serious amounts of practice, and those who succeeded could see and access all the possibility of learning about dimensions. Dimensions could bring a person to another version of earth, a dimension where fantastical and magical creatures lived, a dimension to open a bridge to a new planet or world, or a dimension that reached a higher or lower planes.

That was why, if Aerith couldn't feel the connection with Ellie, that meant she was unconscious or brought to another dimension. Aerith refused to think of another reason other than those two options. Besides, wherever her sister or niece was, if they died, she would such painful devastation as if something was broken in her. For now, she was fine, so she believed they're alive.

She already lose some of her family, she refused to lose Ellie and Avery too. Avery was Ellie's four years old daughter.

And yeah, Aerith already tried reaching out for any connection to Avery, but she was still a baby and also not a full-blooded elven, so their connection might not be that solid in the first place.

"If everything is in place, then let's go." Aerith declared with determinaton.

Right at that moment, another one of Aerith's trusted general and cousin, Alric entered the meeting room where Aerith and Ravi were still going through the plan and finalizing everything.

"The arcane to open portals are ready." Alric announced.

Aerith swiped her right hand on top of the three dimensional architecture plan and it banished into thin air. "Then let's go." Aerith declared.


When they reached the chamber where they decided to draw the huge arcane symbol that would bring them to another dimension, seven more elven warriors were there. In total, there were ten of them who will go to another dimension to rescue Ellie and Avery. Five for the first group to retrieve their subject. And the other Five would be their back up, just in case everything turns into something they didn't expect, so they could bring more warriors.

Aerith swore she will wage war on Kazaria if they make things difficult for her.

Kazaria was their destination. It was a main trading City for merchants where everyone and anyone can trade, bid or sell anything and everything, as long as the person has an equal value in exchange.

It was also the place where thieves, killers, pirates, assassin, kidnappers and such of different origins and species resides, since Kazaria was a place of trades, so it was free for all. It was like the other dimensions own version of Las Vegas - whatever happened or what was going on in there stays there, and if anyone blabbed about it, would get restricted on stepping into Kazaria again or worst, killed. That was why, one never goes to Kazaria unless they were prepared for anything that might happen to them.

"Ready, everyone?" Another elven female general, Sybille - who had drawn the travel arcane, asked everyone in an ominous voice.

"I'm so fucking ready for this!" Kira, the youngest and the most reckless elven general on Aerith's trusted small group of elven warriors exclaimed. She was even holding on her twin daggers that has a handle that was shaped like a dragon and blades like fine sharp feathers.

Alric looked at everyone who was standing around the circle. "Everyone, remember, be vigilant. Anything could happen that was beyond our expectations. As much as possible, we have to stay insconpicuous. Our main goal is to save and retrieve Ellie and her daughter Avery."

That was why all of them was wearing a black hooded cloak with no distinction. To hide their features and all their weapons. Since all elven has such beautiful faces that was easier to recognized by everyone. They try to subdue their presence as much as possible and hid their real faces, to make them less noticeable and hid their glowing aura, but if another powerful being stared at them too much for too long, they might still see what was behind the illusion, thus they wore a cloak to hid their faces. They want this rescue operation to be as lowkey as possible. The important thing was to rescue Ellie and Avery. They could retiliate back and kill anyone who's involved with their kidnappings later.

"We'll get in and get out as quickly as possible. We'll try to get them back in a peaceful way, but if that was not possible, kill everyone in your way!" Aerith declared savagely. In this world, and in her experience, it was survival to the fittest. And Aerith would make sure that she was always emerging and winning on top.

The warriors yelled their agreement. They have the same sentiment with Aerith. They also lost families and loved ones, and a handful of them was the only ones who was left behind on a once majestic and peaceful Kingdom of Elfreihm.

"Let's go!" Aerith said before stepping inside the huge arcane circle, the rest of the warriors followed her.

Sybille poured her power into the circle, it started to glow, until the glowing lights were surrounding them, and then they were transported to their destination.


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