Bound to the Alpha King Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Bound to the Alpha King


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Aerith was searching for her kidnapped sister when she encountered Fenris - the Alpha king, who was also at the auction house where her sister and niece were being auctioned. She was ready to fight if he ever get in her way, but he became an unlikely ally instead. When it was time to get away, Fenris suddenly became a huge problem since he doesn't seem to want to let them go, or more specifically, Aerith. Fenris kept insisting that they knew each other and there was a bond between them, which Aerith didn't believe for one second. She has a mission and a promised to fulfill, and the last thing she needed was complication. Aerith was seeking vengeance to the people who was the reason she and her sister became an orphan, to find them and make them pay. She also swore to find her sister's not-so-better-half, the unfaithful and unlawful bastard, she'll make sure he'll beg to die once she was done with him, and then to return their wealth and kingdom back into its former glory before traitors and outside forces attacked their once glorious and peaceful kingdom. To achieve all that, Aerith needed to be stronger. A distraction and a complication was the last thing she wanted to find. And that all pointed to Fenris, who seems like he was used to getting what he wanted, or desired. Well, this was one of those times, he'll definitely fail. While Fenris never expected to see Aerith again, it was a long time ago, they were both still in their early teens and she saved him when he was seriously hurt because of his arrogance and impatience. During those times Aerith cared for him, he already felt their bond forming, but it was incomplete still, because Aerith was still not accepting him and trusting him that he would help, support and protect her in whatever she endeavor. But Fenris won't give up, he would do anything to make her see what they meant to each other. - - - Book cover was edited by me. Ctto unsplash for free photos to use.