Bound By Pastè Book

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Bound By Pastè


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"Love knows when Love is near." "Love knows that Love is painful." Nazpari drinks the sweet poison, which seers her soul, and open up gates that were long forgotten and abandoned. ******************************************** It's said that when life gives you lemons, sqeeze it in it's eyes. But How could Nazpari do that when she has skeletons in the cupboard and monsters lurking under her bed, waiting for her to step out of the line? That surreptitiously changes when she meets Adnan Sultan but it seems like his past is catching up to him. Little they both know, that both their actions are catching up. But what left behind, is the Past and all echoes of it, which reverberate in the cold gloom of the unshed words, unshed tears, and all the miles apart. And no one knows how to fix that pain, if ever that can be fixed. Family betrayal, steamy nights, cold shivers that will chill you to the bones! {Not a cliché book} {Full of violence, betrayals, backstabbing, tortures, and many more Mature rated themes} {MATURE:- 18+ Preferred for Adult Audience}


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