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In general, I think that the story is at a tremendous start. But you need to take it in to consideration, that the paragraphs you write on Notes/Docs/Computer etc etc. In some cases won't appear the same here on Webnovel, Order-wise. You need to give each chapter a better view, watch punctuations carefully so you can connect 3-4 sentences in to a paragraph. Normally this isn't a big problem, but it will make the Chapters neat and in some aspects more readable. The chapters could use more words too, aim for 1.5k


2nd review for this story. Again, from what I can see, this is not like any novel. It's a short story, simple as that. Hence, why the chapters seems short. A short novel with a touch of poetry. I read this before, but I was only up to chapter 43. Now that there's more chapter, and I'm glad I waited. It's refreshing to read again, especially when there's artwork that came with the chapters. So, if you're the type of reader who is into short novels with poetry style of writing, then this is for you :) (** - Sorry 'bout the delay. Had things to take care of first in real life. I hope you're safe and healthy, Cynk :D )


I thought I have seem many writing styles and now after reading this, I am saying how noob I was to think. Completely a different way of describing a story, each and every word keeps you thinking what next. Good


The novel started out nice, and the writing style is impressive. Fee grammatical errors are there. Nonetheless, they don't make the novel too difficult to read. Good job!


I like the way the author writes and describe... it's quite intriguing and mysterious. Some proofreading is required. I suggest using Grammarly or other online apps to rule out basic problems.


I really liked the first chapter and the following ones got me intrigued. The concept is interesting. One thing I didn't like: the "snippet" format of the chapters. It, however, is part of the writer's style and not a flaw. It's refreshing and really different from most novels in this site.


This is a different and interesting book. Each chapter makes u wanna read the next. I'm cool with the short chapter as long as you keep updating author. Grammar is the done well and the flow is amazing. I like it. Wanna read something new and different; try this out!


Your writing quality is very good. You used the English words in a clinical way. I like your ML character, very relatable. Your storyline is progressing very well and your world background is on point. Great job. Keep it up.


This novel caught my attention from the start, the flow of the story is amazing although the chapters are short but still incredible^^. Keep up the good work.


At first I couldn't understand what this is about but as i read it through it became interesting, very different kind of novel. Every chapter gives a new vibe.


At first it was difficult for me to understand but as you do come to understand it, it is an interesting read. The chapters are short but it becomes a bit like a storytelling novel and the last story so far as of chapter 35 pulls you further in.


Author's Review. A story based on visual content. A Shape Shifting being finds a man looking to start a new business. He has contacts among the very wealthy. As a very exclusive operation, wealthy clients can have portrait images created of them at peak youth and looks. Art for the chapters will be provided by links in the author note section. This is intended to be Safe For Work.