Boss, Take Responsibility!Boss, Take Responsibility!

Boss, Take Responsibility!

by Cinnamon_Pretzel

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Liu Jingyi had already transmigrated once, thank you very much. From a boring office worker to a peaceful cultivation world, Jingyi felt this was her reward for dying from overwork. But now?! Are you kidding me, heaven? Accidentally being hit by a lightning bolt, Jingyi now has to somehow save the world of the novel in which she transmigrated into in order to return to her peaceful life. Still, her new role as the big boss rival is not making things any easier for her! . . "Boss, please sign these documents-" "Sorry, Hawaii's calling me." "Boss, PLEASE, you can't just scout talents and hand them all to me-" "Haha, do your job." Boss Liu's workers: SOS #what to do when your boss runs away from work #please be responsible . . In another world: Hmm, I wonder where wifey went? . . . I do not own the cover image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/197102921170529013/

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