BOSS, Please Stop Showing off Your Wife Book

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BOSS, Please Stop Showing off Your Wife


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The Trank Wright Hughes had a noble position in N City, but he married a woman who was eight years younger than him. It was said that his little wife had been living in the countryside. She was a real wild girl and even dared to beat the little young master of the Hughes family! How could such a wild girl be the future wife of the Hughes family? Everyone was waiting for this wild girl to be expelled from the Hughes family, but they didn't expect that she would turn into the genius leader of a mystery organization. She had countless identities and any of them would be shocking! "Of course, my wife is the best." The man with blonde hair and blue eyes held his wife in his arms, and the complacency in his eyes could not be hidden. Jill Laclaus: ... Her husband is crazy again.