1 Emergency

"Come to the conference room." this message suddenly popped on the mobile phone of Chen Guo. It was a message from Wei Chen who actually sent it to everyone in Happy. He knew that everyone was there despite that it was a Summer Break.

Chen Guo was immediately wondering what is so urgent that they have to stop their tasks at hand and come over. She and Tang Rou were currently in the middle of a discussion for important business matters. In a different room, Su Mucheng and Fang Rui were watching videos of potential candidates for transfer players to Happy. Similarly, Luo Ji and An Wanyi were in the research department standing over the shoulders of Guan Rongfei who was explaining his ideas for the new equipment.

"Let's go and see" Tang Rou said to Chen Guo as she saw her becoming worried. They quickly arrived in the conference room where several people were already sitting rather quietly. Apart from Steamed Bun, everyone was wearing a rather serious look.

Wei Chen was near the window smoking a cigarette. Chen Guo noticed him and wanted to yell at him because of that, but she ended up yelling "Why did you call us?" That was something that was bothering her mind even more at the moment.

"Let's wait for others" Wei Chen unhurriedly replied.

Chen Guo looked at others in the hope that she would receive an answer from them. Wu Chen starting looking at the computer screen as if he was preparing something. Qiao Yifan became nervous but didn't say anything. Then suddenly Steamed Bun said: "It's not fun when someone steals Boss from us"

"It was that brat!" Wei Chen furiously added. Everything was going so well from the very beginning. Happy was the first guild to receive the news about a Boss. That gave them time to establish the aggro and lead the boss away before other guilds came. However, then another guild appeared out of blue. Two blade-masters at the front slashed their way towards the Boss. However, it was another mastermind who was responsible for finding Happy through his precise analysis. He also directed the troops to create the opportunity to steal the boss and then defended against Wei Chen's shameless strategies until the Boss was killed.

"Are we here because of this one Boss?" Chen Guo asked. She didn't consider that a sufficient reason for such an emergency meeting. It happens all the time. Another Boss will appear soon.

"It's not just one Boss." Wei Chen replied and walked to the computer and displayed a leaderboard with Boss statistics. On top was the Blue Rain Guild with 25 stolen Bosses, followed by Tyranny 22, Samsara 19, Tiny Herb 19, Thunderclap 16, and Happy 12 on the first six positions.

Wei Chei looked around and saw that the conference room was filled, only one person was missing "Mo Fan". Wei Chei didn't seem to notice or mind, and started explaining the situation: "These guys are working on upgraded 80-level equipment".

Last year, Happy pioneered this area and found a way to add an equipment stat that allows a character to wear a 5 levels higher equipment. Since Happy lacked rare materials, they decided to use 75 Orange equipment. This just barely helped them to get on the same level of equipment as other teams. Happy had to do it in order to win the Championship title. Their chances of winning would be much smaller without it.

However, it was only a short-term solution. Additionally, other teams discovered that wearing higher-level equipment is possible. Yu Wenzhou quickly realized how it could be possible and he passed his conclusions to their research team. After many experiments, they were able to replicate the same effect. Not just Blue Rain, but in other teams too. Sometimes it's enough to know that something is possible and then the research would lead them to the solution.

"Imagine fighting Huang Shaotian in a full set of 80-level equipment." Wei Chei said seriously. He would be able to create and seize even more opportunities. His character would be much faster in his unexpected switches from defense to attack.

"What about the last year's Best Partners with upgraded equipment or even better Samsara's main roster?" It would be the frighting difference in matches where even small details can mean victory or defeat. Who would dare to fight them in their current equipment?


No one responded but they all knew what Wei Chei was pointing out. The fight for the Championship has already started. It wouldn't be even an exaggeration to say that whoever wins this Boss war will become the next Champion. Suddenly this Boss leaderboard displayed on the screen had a deeper meaning for everyone.

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