Boss at First Sight Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Boss at First Sight


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Howler and Silva Lockheart never envisioned giving birth to 4 handsome bachelors, Trevon, Serial, Blaze and Bryant who will later be known as Tray, Siri, Blazy-blaze and Ryan. To Blaze, no one could ignite a flame in his heart like his 4.5 million dollar car called Dyonic. To Tray, getting married was tantamount to giving out one's wealth and committing suicide. To Siri, getting married was something only people without ambition would succumb to. To Bryant, getting married was barbaric because no one could understand you better than yourself and no companionship was better than the one you had with yourself. 4 beautiful hopeless romantics are about to get themselves in a whole bunch of trouble because they fell in love with the Lockheart brothers. Meet Amerylla, Jayda, Sarafina and Elisha who will later on be known as Amy, Jade, Phina and Eli.


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