3 The night of Terror

"You have entered Zone Ichi. Human in vicinity, 966. Monster in vicinity. One." The corner of Yoru's lips raised upon hearing what the system said.

'So I just looked like a human but I'm not one, huh.'

He told to himself when he saw on the screen that is only visible to him, a red mark where he is standing surrounded by a few numbers of black marks where humans are minding their own businesses.

The first floor of the tower is composed of ordinary civilians and Level E humans where the weakest are being protected by the tower's white knights that is being led by Azusa, one of the high ranking commanders of the Tower Emperor's Squadron, the Golden Phoenix. The Commanders are the one who acts as leaders in every floor to keep the peace inside the tower.

Yoru tried to hide his killing intent when a human child bumped into him to avoid being detected by the tower's surveillance system. It was a system not only made for monsters that enters the tower, but also for the citizen coz there are humans that being out of control after awakening their magical abilities.

"I'm sorry, Mister." The human child said that made Yoru come back to his senses and looked at the young child that bumped into him with cold eyes.

The child looked surprise and scared when he saw Yoru's hetechromia eyes,- a black and red iris, that made the child immediately run away from him that almost made Yoru laughed in a sinister way. He thought that maybe that child has a good instinct.

He puts on his fake glasses to conceal his ghoul eyes from the humans who will get to see them and walked through the street of Zone Ichi. He got it as a reward when he was reincarnated together with a dark cloak to conceal his killing intent.

From the outside it looks like a normal tower but inside the tower, the first floor looked like a typical town in a roleplay games he played before. There are taverns and inns probably from the people who wants to visit that came from the other floors of the tower. They townsfolk dress normally like where he came from and not what he expected medieval clothes. They even have a vast sky that made Yoru curious where is the portal for the next floor.

"Kei, where is the portal for the next floor?" Yoru asked to his system companion.

"The portal is outside the Zone Ichi's Cathedral." Kei said that made Yoru smile when he saw the largest building in the middle of that zone where a big circular mirror is outside it while there are White knights guarding it for some reasons.

"Why are they guarding the portal?" Yoru asked that Kei didn't need to answer when a loud alarming sounds resounded the whole place making the two Knights cast a spell to close the portal.

"There's a Level E who got out of control near the Knight's Station. They sealed it when the alarm goes on to avoid the invaders to enter the portal to the next floor." Kei explained to his wondering Lord.

The Knights on duty didn't remove the spell until the alarming sound disappear. Yoru was in a deep thought after observing the first floor. He went to a dark alley right after he went around zone ichi and teleport to Ground zero and planned for the massacre he's about to do.


The night is so peaceful. A group of Knights that are on duty are walking around by pairs to check for monsters lurking in the dark but what they didn't know is that one by one, their companions are being preyed by Yoru's ghouls.

The town's surveillance system was turned off by Kei for approximately two hours only since Yoru's level isn't sufficient enough to cut it off totally. He just needed to eliminate a few knights so they won't end up casting the spell to close the portal to the next floor.

Yoru's ghouls are having a feast while munching the head of dead body of the white knights that they drag in the dark alley to sustain his summons later to kill as many humans as possible while he will do his mission alone.

[ System Notification: You have successfully killed a Rank C Knight. You leveled up. Attributes to distribute +1 ]

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[ System Notification: You have successfully killed a Rank C Knight. You leveled up. Attributes to distribute +1 ]

[ System Notification: You have successfully killed a Rank C Knight. You leveled up. Attributes to distribute +1 ]

[ System Notification: You have successfully killed a Rank C Knight. You leveled up. Attributes to distribute +1 ]

[ System Notification: You have successfully killed a Rank C Knight. You leveled up. Attributes to distribute +1 ]

[ System Notification: You have successfully killed a Rank C Knight. You leveled up. Attributes to distribute +1 ]

Every time his ghoul succeeds on finishing of the Knights, Yoru's notification keeps on popping in the screen.


The status screen flashes to Yoru's face so he starts allocating the points he got from killing the six knights that went to where he was. He concealed his ghouls after they finished eating the poor Knights and checked his status.

[ Information ]

- Name: Yoru

- Height: 182 cm

- Weight: 66Kg

- Level 7

[ Attributes ]

- Physical strength: 13 + 3

- Endurance: 12 + 2

- Agility: 16 + 1

- Summoning level: D

- Summoned monsters: 20

- Ghoul level: 7

[ Status ]

- Blood lust : Extreme

- Killing intent : Extreme

- Fatigue : Very Low

A menacing smile plastered on Yoru's lips when another notifications popped out.

[ System Notification ]

- Ghoul Skill Activated : Magic Absorption

[ The magical abilities that the ghouls eat will grant you the ability to use it for 3 hours. Time changed when leveled up. ]

- Ghoul Skill Activated : Fear Inducement

[ Passive Skill : +25% Fear Inducement on a human causing Paralysis.]

- Ghoul Skill : ???

- Ghoul Skill : ???

- Necromancer Skill Activated : Shadow Shroud

[ Creates a cloud of cursed smoke in the area, suffocating and blinding all humans within. ]

- Necromancer Skill : ???

- Necromancer Skill : ???

- Necromancer Skill : ???

"Magic Absorption, huh."

Most of the abilities he has seen so far are sealing spell that he saw at the cathedral, superhuman strength of one of the Knights that stopped the out of control Level E, binding spell and healing abilities. Yoru also saw some level E who can manipulate elements like the teenager he saw earlier who's practising his air bending abilities.

Yoru thought of wanting to try it but he has limited time besides, he needs to level up first to gain more access to other abilities that are still locked. He could use wrath but it will only alert the other Knights surrounding the area, he doesn't want his target to get notified about him yet.

"Terror." Yoru called one of his generals.

In just a few seconds, a smoke in a form of a man with red eyes kneeled in front of Yoru to give greetings to his lord.

"My Lord."

Yoru made a 'stand up' gesture that made the general stand straight and wait for his Lord's commands.

"Bring forth Terror." Yoru said that is immediately followed by his summon.

"Disperse when you're done. I'll do the rest." He added before walking towards the cathedral where his target is residing.

Terror closed its red eyes and chant some spell while the smoke from its body slowly dispersed until it totally covers the whole Zone Ichi except to where Yoru's first target is located.

[ Summon : Terror Skill Activated. ]

- Bring Forth Terror

[ The smoke from Terror's body will dispersed and enter every human's body that will put the target into a tormenting illusion that will have a great damage to the target's brain and soon will caused death. ]

And as the gasp and groaned if the unprepared humans echoes in the night, Yoru's menacing smile could be seen on his lips when the light from the full moon illuminated to him.

And when he pulled down the hood of his cloak that conceals his killing intent, his black hair turned into white and from his back, a three scaly monsters came out, with their still bloody fangs from the feast they had earlier.

[ You have leveled up! ]

[ You have leveled up! ]

[ You have leveled up! ]

Yoru smiled wickedly when that notifications keep on popping on his screen but he decided to ignore it and gently put on his mask to hide his face while he lets his ghoul eats the dead bodies of the Knights that are guarding the portal.

"Kei, Quick Scan." Yoru commands when he's finally get inside his targets residence that the system answered right away.

"Zone Ichi. Human in vicinity, 1. Monster in vicinity. 1." The corner of Yoru's lips raised upon hearing what the system said.

"Target." Yoru said while he walks silently inside the cathedral.

"Target: Azusa Nagato. Zone Ichi's Commander-In-Charge." Kei answered.

"In my past life?" Yoru asked when he finally got to the room of his first target, hiding his ghouls making his white hair turned back into black.

"Azusa Nagato..."

Yoru opened the door of his first target that has a surprised look on his face upon seeing him. It seems that he was aware that there's something wrong going on.

The middle-aged man with his face covered with beared take out his sword while looking at the invader with a black and red eyes.

He doesn't know why the tower's surveillance couldn't detect the killing intent of this lad in front of him.

"W-who are you?" Azusa asked but his stance is ready to fight if ever Yoru attacked him.

"My lord's, Father."

Right after Kei finished his sentence, Yoru snapped his finger as he whispered...


[ Ghoul Skill Activated : Magic Absorption ]

- Bind activated

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