1 His death. His rebirth.

His soul surrounded by darkness is just watching from afar as those pesky humans surrounded his decaying body. He has been dead for a week but they just found out about it.

His red eyes is glowing in the darkness he's in as the black smoke surrounding him gets darker and darker while listening to these people that call themselves human.

"He should have asked for help if he's sick. Why does he have to die in my apartment." The owner of the building he's staying said angrily that makes him want to strangle him if he could just do it.

He asked for help when he asked him to pay for the rent but just warned him that he will be kicked out if he won't pay it soon and leave him just like that. He was in pain. Excruciating pain. That even until now that he's a wandering soul, he could still feel it. The pain before he died.

His friend made him a co-borrower but that friend of his run away after taking the money leaving him the huge amount of debt. Being a normal store clerk, he couldn't pay it always in time that leads for those loan shark to make him pay it with his organs. They forcefully took one of his kidneys and left him almost dying outside his home.

None of his neighbours tried to help him get inside his apartment. None of them checked if he was alright. And when he asked for help they didn't even heed his cries that lead him to killing himself before the complications of the operation he got will kill him.

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He has no family. In fact he was abandoned by his own parents.

The only friend he had run away after taking the money with.

He has been living in hatred.

He hated is wretched life.

But he hated those people who looks down on him and the only friend he had even betrayed him, abandoned him, he hated them the most. At the back of his mind he wanted one thing.

He desired one thing.

To kill everyone who hurt him.

Kill those people who abandoned him.

Kill those who called themselves human but doesn't act one.

Before he died, he wished.

No, he pleaded.

For another life.

Where he can unleashed his wrath.

His desire...

Desire to kill.

Kill those who puts his life in a living hell.

And as he watched those pesky humans in the dark. A man in a smoky cloak appeared. His pair of golden brown eyes are the only thing he could see as he offered his skeleton hand on him.

"I'm granting you your wish." The man said when he didn't take his hand before he looked at his decaying body with eyes filled with sadness.

"You suffered a lot. Those humans make your life a living hell. That made you like this." The man said before he turned to him.

"Do you want to unleash your wrath?" The man asked that made the color of his soul turned darker and his eyes went redder in rage.

The man smiled.

"I'm looking for a successor. If you can finish all the mission that I'll give to you, I'll let you take my throne and punish them all." The man said that caught his attention.

"I'll send you to a world where you only need to do is kill. It's a parallel world where those people who you hated the most exists. Your only mission is to kill them all. If you do, you can have my power." The man said before he offer his hand once more.

"Come... Let's unleash the wrath of the next Sovereign of death." And without hesitation, he held the man's skeleton hand.

And as they slowly plunged to the darkness, he gave one last look to his decaying body with only one thing on his mind.

Kill those pesky humans.

And that's the death of his humanity.

Thus, the rebirth of the monarch of death's successor.

Who is...

Born to Kill...


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