2 Awakening of Yoru

When he opened his eyes, what he see is pitch darkness. But unlike the place where he used to be, this darkness is quite comforting.

And then he remembered the Sovereign of death who brought him to that place. A menacing smile plastered on his lips when he finally realised that he's now reborn. His flesh is just like a human but he could feel something inside him that makes him to be not one of those he hated the most.


[System Notification: Activate Voice System? Y ? N?]

He clicked the Y button on the screen that just popped out in front of him out of nowhere. As he thinks to himself that maybe the monarch of death knows that he loves playing video games before so he made this mission of his in a game-like system.

A smirked plastered on his lips.

'I guess killing them would be like a game for me now.'

He thought to himself.

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"Welcome to Ground Zero. I am Kei and I'll be the one guiding you to your journey. I will help my Lord's growth and success to his every mission. Rewards are given to my Lord every after successful mission."

The system says in a game-like voice that excites him more. To kill those pesky humans he loathed the most.

"Ground Zero. Information, Status and attributes. Trait. Rank. Which one do you want to know first?"

"Ground Zero."

"Ground Zero is the domain of the dead. No human can enter this zone and only the lord of the dead can go back and forth from here to the tower. In order to teleport just say the name of the place and I'll be taking you there. But teleportation is limited to the places you have been to for now. The higher your level is, the higher place of the tower you can go to. Currently you're level is 1 but your attributes when you reborn is already set. Which do you want to know next?"


"Trait: Gurunekuro. Half-Ghoul, half-Necromancer. Ghouls are the one who feeds from the dead bodies of humans while Necromancers has the ability to summon undead monster in exchange of the summoner's blood." the system answered that made him realized that whatever that is inside him must be the ghoul part of him.

A terrifying smile plastered on his lips.

"Rank." He asked the next information he wanted to learn about.

"Rank: D."

"D-Rank Gurunekuro has an ability to summon 20 undead monsters or just summon Wrath and Terror,- they are the two commanders of the Sovereign. In summoning the monsters or the generals your blood is needed for them to regenerate. You're half ghoul so you can regenerate when you feed from the dead bodies of human you killed. You also needed to level up to A-Rank before you can summon the generals with the undead monsters. The higher your level, the stronger they will be. Now In order to summon them, 'Senshi' for the undead monsters and as for the commanders, just call their name." Kei said that made him call the names of the generals.

"Wrath." He called and a demon rise up from the ground. He was amazed when the seven feet tall demon stood in front of him. It has black horns and sharp white teeth that any human won't survive if they got bitten from it. And those pointy long wings that could kill anyone even from a distance. But what makes the demon to his liking is those red eyes that looked like his.

They're burning in rage.

"Wrath unleashed." He said the ultimate skill of the demon that made the monster shout and whoever hears it will probably shiver in terror. The vast sky turns black and in a few seconds thousand of black spears starts pouring into the sky that made him smile deviously.

Just thinking how many human will die because of that thrills him.

"Disperse.." He said and just like that everything went back to normal leaving only the black spears on the ground and Wrath floating beside him.

"Terror." He called the other general.

A black smoke starts to form in front of him and in a few moments a silhouette of a man that is the same as his height is now standing in front of him. It has red eyes like his and when he tried to touch the monster, his hand just went passed through it.

"I guess I can't use your ultimate skill now, huh." He said to the monster.

"It only works for human, my lord." Terror said in a deep, creepy voice that fascinates the summoner.

"Don't call me like that. I have a name." The summoner said that made the two generals looked at him.

He sighed and called Kei.

"Kei, status and attributes."

"Status. Name: Unknown. Height: 182 cm. Weight: 66Kg. Attributes. Physical strength: 13. Endurance: 12. Agility: 16. Summoning level: D. Summoned monsters: 20. Ghouls level: 1."

"Do you wish to change your name now, my lord?" The system asked that he answered with Yes immediately.

"What should I call you my lord? In order for me to save your name, you have to say "Hey, it's me 'your name'." He chuckled upon hearing how it should be done.

"What should we call you my lord?" His generals both asked that made his lips curved in a terrifying smile and his eyes glows redder.

"Hey, it's me..."


[ System Notification : The successor of the Sovereign of Death has Awakened. ]

[ Welcome to Ground Zero, Lord Yoru. ]

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