Born As The Emperor's DaughterBorn As The Emperor's Daughter

Born As The Emperor's Daughter

by moonvaleriee

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When Alexandra opened her eyes, she suddenly became a princess?! She was hit by a truck and born once again as a baby, aside from that, she can remember her previous life. But she wasn't like the other princess who gets to be with their family. She was a princess yet to be announced and being observed. She was born in a supposedly all-males only bloodline and they think she was a curse or bad luck. Her brothers and father hated her. Out of all things in her life, she never expected this to happen. Watch Alexandra as she conquers the heart of her brothers and softens the stone heart of the emperor with her charm and go through the journey of her new life as she slowly uncovered and revealed everything. -- "What did I ever do wrong in my past life?!" "Everything." He answered. "..." -- This is a slow-paced story and I will update once every day. I hope you will enjoy and love the story. Have fun reading! Support me on patreon (if you want): https://www.patreon.com/moonvaleriee

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