3 Rivals?? No thanks

Jin maintains his position kneeling down with his hand to breast n head to floor .Barton's jaws are left unhinged as he is goob smacked,Mars her self is no better.Jin as raises his head and looks up at the two he takes a look around then ask"Is something wrong ,Is there something in my teeth?"

Venus"what is going on here?"

Jin"I am here to pledge my allegiance to to The Young Miss Mars n devote my body to ensure that you become the next God King Mam"

Venus open her mouth to speak ".....Well .....I am flattered at your proposal but I cannot in good conscience allow you to risk you life for my benefit or success .I am also ...."

Jin"A mother,a daughter, a wife none of those things matter in comparison to what is at risk, if you do not be come God King...With all due respect. Ofcourse "

Venus "Young man follow me, this is not a conversation we can have outside"

Jin "Yes mam"

Venus inhales deeply and then breathe out "Child who are you, really who are you and why did you come here and proclaim such things who sent you and what is your objective "

Jin" As said before my name is Jin.."

Venus"I ask who you are ,not for you to tell me your name and affiliation ,but who are you at your core"

Venus " Do you know what soul is?.Mr Master of Swords. Sir Jin"

Jin smile n replied with the knowledge he had gather over the hundreds of years of reading and enlitghingment "A soul I a mass of the purest essence birthed from the Progenitor herself that has gian awareness "

Venus" You are correct and incorrect and at the same time"

Jin was left in pure shock,he did his utmost best to remember any area that he left out

Venus sighs "Do you know why your master choose to his predecessor even tho there are other with greater strength or of a higher moral character "

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Jin "Your potential to grow stronger is unprecedented and unmatched among your peers. "

Venus "I believe that he would say something along those lines,however that is not the reason I was chosen. I was chosen because I was the second person to feel the presence of the Progenitor."

Barton"What did you say?"

Mars"Why are you still here?"

Barton" Because ,because...he is here and I an not leave you alone with a strange man "

Mars " Aren't you the definition of a strange man??Barton "

Barton "I I I..."

Venus"Barton is a dare friend,now enough quarreling,listen well! a soul like sir Jin told us is indeed a mass of the purest essence. How ever that is only is form,the soul is a container for the Will.The guide our ability to think follow through on actions and plan.The W zqill is the birth place of the conscience n the core of our being "

Venus observes the face of those around her making sure all that was said was being digested. Then she said the words Mars she wanted desperately to hear for last few hundred years ."You allow will be allowed to participate in the battle "Mars stood up with a looks of pure joy .

Mars " Really we really will be part of your rise ?"

Venus "Yes,but you all must act as a team or not atall "

Barton "I alone am enough "

Mars "Enough to leave me alone"

Jin silently observes his new teammates wondering why he let Nil talk him in to this

"Enough!!"shouts venus snapping him out of it

Venus" as a team or Not at all" she walks out leaveing them alone in the throne room

Barton stares at Jin thinking it all his fault then look at Mars filled with admiration. Her valence in the inter Domian finals when they where in there 30s left him in awe stunned n filled with adoration,Then they met agian 400 year later in a sealed region of space ,that was the site of a battle for chancellor .It was then she saved his life and he promised himself he would marry her and spend the rest of his life guarding her.

But yet when his hard work and persistence were finally about to be paid off,it had to be shared with some random low leveled True God not someone like himself who had reached level 9987 and was on the verge of achieving immortality n living for millions of years

Barton " You now be granted the privilege of being my rival"

Jin looks at Barton then Mars n repeated the action before saying "We need to get familiar with each others strengths "

Mars"Who made you the leader?"

Barton "Exactly what Mrs Mars has said"

Jin "I don't want to be anyone's leader,however circumstance demands that I must"befor anyone could voice complaints

A loud voice boomed"The devils are attacking !!"

Venus runs in blood soak n hands piece of paper fo Jin n tells him to protect her daughter .

Venus"Enter into the camber rooms n listen to Jin!!"

Mars "Mother,mother what happened are you okay why are you bleed...who was it....the dark god ??"

Venus " what are you waiting for go now"

Mars" mother ple...."

Venus hands her to jin bits barton steps infornt and hold her in his arms

Venus shake her head n screams "NNoowww go!"

Orion head angel master are you sure we should be doing thia

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