6 Once a God now a Man

Jin"Finally I can see what is going in within me" upon entering my soul space I bear witness to a soul space which is now in shambles. My souls splinters which once littered my once soul space now lay scattered like blades of grass no more do they stand tall like a Interplanetary Oak .Even my seed of samara is cracked.

Jin stares in shocked , He then inhales deeply and begins to strengthen his soul which is now the process of regaining ita former glory and strength,however he is stopped by the crippling pain running through his body.Then it clicks "Im human now,arent I?so that means,they are not titans or giants but humans,that is the reason my body can handle the strength of my soul n also why I feel such a large reduction in strength " but let's no jump to conclusions first I need this pian to be resolved.I will have to do my best in order to gather godly engery with hope that my body will be able adapt soon enough.

Even though this technique came straight form my master it has its limitations .I cant expect to instantly adapt to any situation and all things take time.A few hour pass Jin "ah finally the pian is gone I wonder for how long was I out"

Jin open his eyes to find the sun setting peacefully on the horizon."I wonder how many days have passed man I'm way to relaxed these people are strangers I have no idea what they plan to do me....not like I cam resist any."

Angelina "Hy there cutie pie,in a few days we will cross over to the border of Grimmgar n leave The Shire , yes yes no more baddies for us to chop n no one who would ever dream of harming you "

Jin " I'm not sure as to exactly what she is talking about ,but I dont feel any killing intent or any signs of deception on her face"

Tesla"Angelina do you still have leaky nipples"

Angelina "Huhh,what did you say?I dont have leaky nipples....It a hormone imbalance and its is very...."

Tesla "Guys turn around Angelina is gonna breast feed the baby"


Tesla"Hurry up we dont have all day"

Angelina "I'm only 23 I'm not ready to be a mother, and besides I haven't showered for 3 days,do you know that.... "

Tesla "take them out or I will"

Angelina "listen to me you better remember this for the rest of your life you hear me little one.... on second forget this ever happened remove the image of my breast forever form your little mind"

Telsa If I turn around on your not breast feeding that little bundle of joy,I'm will take great pleasure in locking you n Royko alone in a room for 24 hour and I will sure to see to it that Renji will be outside listening in "

Angelina "You just want time alone with vice" mumbles under her breath while blushing

Tesla "I dont hear any feeding begin done"

Vice" We will reach the border in another 2 days the kid needs a name"

Royko"Royko Jr., or..... Angel "

Vice"Dream on kid" while peeking at Angelina to is trying to hide her beet red Face

Vice(who knows he might have a shot after all)

Surge"I ws thinking about rex,or Bob or how about bones or killer!!!"

Vice stares not knowing if he should put Surge out of his misery now or maybe miracles do happen and Surge regains somw form of higher brain function "Renji dont make me regret getting your opinion on this"

Renji pauses silentce fills the carriage as everyone can now hear the sound of metal clashing against rock in sympathy with the sounds of metal rubbing on metal

Then the silence is broken by a single word

Renji"Draco "

Tesla "I like it,Angelina you choose one your or not the choice is up to you?"

Angelina "Really??"

Renji ( she actually likes it)

Angelina "Name him Daemon but will call him draco as his middle name"

Vice so whose last name will he takes "I dont have one neither does Surge ,so It up to up the three young nobles" discontent drifted on his voice.

Tesla "He will take mine of course His name will be Daemon Draco Skyhand any objections.... good I will take your silence as confirmation."

Vice"Its been decided,Tesla switch out with me go rest I will drive for the rest of the trip."

Tesla "T-TThank ..you"

Jin"It pitch black outside dis I fall asleep"(Ill have to reforge my soul and start from the beginning.)"well it does not matter much since my soul space is far larger than any one on this realm"(what realm is this any way,can I even return home ,where is everyone else I really do hope they survived.After what seemed like an eternity all splinters have been gathered to form one soul.However for some reason I cant seem to be able fathom the reason for which my samara seed has merged with my soul, as a possible means to repair it self maybe.That wasn't to bad Although I lost the memories I made just before I die so I'll never fully no the true turn of events )

Tesla "wake up child ,It time for you to take a bath"

Jin (now that I am awake fully I can see the world around of make since of this whole thing )