4 Blood splattered welcome

In the middle of well maintained plaza,a flash of light from which a portal appeared.After the brightness of the had diminished out of the once empty space,which two winged figures appeared.One had the appearance of a middle aged man,while the other look as though he was a young adult.Both had blonde hair and green eyes but the younger one was well kept and almost delicate in contrast to the scruffy and eccentric look of the middle age man.

Warren"Orin listen well,we follow orders of the supreme being so that ,light may be spread across the known world,once we follow this creed all will become clear the Head Angel Michel gave us his orders "Warren resumed etching strange markings on to a dimensional portal.Orin a young angel who had just received his second pair of wings was totally unaware had as to what was being laid down by his master.His masters zealous was always unmatched,but today he moved as though his life depended on it.

Vitara "Princes Deadria although you maybe the devil princess you must take you duty more seriously "

Princess Deadria "A devil must a always be true to there nature n seek tone the full embodiment of there sin .

Vitara" yes that which also state that the words of the head devil are binding n the head devil told you personally to assist in the eradicate all gods found in this Domain none must left to spread news of what happened here

Jin looks around still disoriented,only to find him self in a forest at the southern most region of the 31 dominans of the 13th realm

Jin"This is the forest of the Purple Eyed Wolf king the son Fenrir .Under no circumstances should we upset the beast that live here.Follow me"

Barton "You not the leader here hound Mrs Mars is asleep. Until she wakes up we will wait right here n wait for her decision "

Jin stares dumbfounded as he tries resist the temptation to cut Barton's head of were he stood."We are stuck in a very dangerous part of the forest,you can see signs of a pack of ridge back boars nesting here we should leave as soon..."

Barton "Do you not have ears,we stay"

Orin"Master I hear people on their ways here,will you soon be finished?"Orin asked , panicking because as far as he is concerned dieing is not in his plans for today or any day as a matter.Orin has been long recognized as as genuine Genius among those of his generation. However no one now his motivation in life Is to live with no worries of death. His creed is centered around Diligence how ever it is completely focus on his survival "

Aros"My father said they would attack the teleportation portal follow me they should be around the corner " shouted a tall heroic young man covered in a black armor followed by 30 soldiers all dressed similarly." Sir yes Sir" resonated 30 voices in unison.Upon reaching the teleportation portal.They found a slightly chubby agel with a armed with bow,(four wings means the he is at least a n Immortal like my self these true gods won't stand a chance) "7 of you attack the fat one delay him as long as possible,the rest of you follow me"

Orin "oh shit,master there are here!"

Warren "Delay them,we must ensure the light is spread..." Orin"across the know world" (in 37 years I hace reached lvl 5000, afte experiencing so much I will not die today)

Orin "aaaàhhhhhhhhh" orin charges with no intention of truly fighting .Four hour of intense fighting

Ariel"Brother we cant hold him for much longer " ariel looks up to find her brother fully engaged in battle back by pack format5they practiced a 100 times yet they were still being beaten back.Ariel panic n pulled out a teleportation device her father had given her .Aros "Ares would be pissed to see me struggle which someone four grades above me,maybe I should use that sword my body is a small sacrifice "

Jin"listen good, we might die unless you can fight hundreds of god level boars.The leader is normally T level 6000 with each pack member is at least around level 1000 they might sound like much individually but as a pack they hunt .....)

Barton "Do not belittle my family "

Jin"Then I assume you have more than one means of survival"

Barton"Do not Insult Mrs.Mars family connections and resources "

Jin(If I wasn't trying to conserve my strength...)then turns around and mediaites on dragon laws hoping to strengthen his bloodline to get a boast in strength

Aros" You should surrender while you have life you disciple has run off and now you are out numbered?"

Warren"I will spread the light across the known world!,his creed of charity erupts

increasing his strength 5 fold

Aros realize he camt win"Areil lead everyone back n spread word of the attack " as he draws out a long platinum sword with runes covering ite entire body and a lion at its base.

Sword laws explodes and battle mandate avatar shows it self in the from of sword wearing a crown.

Areil watches as her brothers aura engulfs everything in its path in a moment of doubt the charm given fo her by hr fTher crack unbeknownst to areil her.Tje battle begin before Ariel's eyes.

Jin opens his eyes to find a young man facing off against 1500 boars the lowest level at 1700 do his best to protect the unconscious Mars.it was at this moment Jin knew... he should've kill this bitch.

Barton "You filthy beast will not lay a hands on my lady or my rival" laws of light fire n disruption bloom for body.

Jin"Well I'll be damned he actually has some backbone" battle ensues as they both face the pack right as they are about to finish off the boars a blinding light flashes leaveing behind to bloody bodies

Areil "Jin"

Aros"J,j,j,i,I,n,n " aros Syrian to say spitting up blood

Jin"You guys why are you here" Jim shouts inn frustration as everything feel like its falling apart. Before he could process everything thing is happening Mars finally awakens still confuse


Barton "..."


Aros" You .....are Mars right "*cough* cough*

Areil "Jin you know the daughter of ?"

Mars looks around trying to get a juliet of shat doing on"will Simons tell me were is my mother?"

When Jim thought it could get any worse the sent of blood hits nose as blood splatters everywhere

Vitara"she is dead..."

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