2 A uncertain future

Jin" We have a duty to stop them them, This could possibly lead to a war across the realms,who knows how many innocents will die"

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"Wich is why we sent the offspring of many Gods ,Titan,Fairys and Dragons alike to bring order but they have been exiled by all and labeled as evil because of there appearance "

Jin "I understand the rest, but how can a gods offspring look different from a human,unless it is mixed with a different race."

Nil "At first this indeed was the issue but by aligning with Asender who other Gods that had the same view as us we were able to give birth to demi gods whose power rivaled our own How ever we face a problem we had not expected"

Jin looks on with confusion as he waited for nil to finish his wine and stake

Nil licks his lips n continues "Although we look the same our genetics are worlds apart. These differences are expressed clearly in our offspring,the demi gods who should have been hailed as hero are being shunned because then all have "deformities " or "mutations " the humans views these as offense to their gods n kill them at birth or alienate them form society.

As a result we have arrived at a stand still, Gods can not stay on the lower realms too long as it place a strian our bodies and mana not to disrupt the natural balance "

Jin " what natural balance why would we disrupt it"

Nil" The lower realms have not been inhabited as long as the 3 great realms our presence has increased the growth or the 3 great realms along with the higher density of mana and the Formations in inscription liad down over time help to reinforce the realms nnmKe them more stable."

Human have only now understand about magic and it's TRUE nature. They have lost much of there short history due to war and propaganda n believe strongly in their ascended which have been corrupted but the devils n the angel to limit there growth."

Jin"Is that done to force us to accommodate them here??"

Nil laughs "We should they need to forced, the three great realms have that name for a reason, as realms grow in strength so do they in size aswell ,I have been a live far longer than any of the 9.And the oldest among them boast of 2eons of existence"

Jin"How ling is an eon any way ????"

Nill"let me ask you this how long is a zillion???"

Jin "A trillion trillions equals 1 zillion " jin replys unwilling knowing there is no other way

Nil"This pattern repeats it self it goes zillion,gazillion,quintillion n a few more then we have eons"

Jin".......... Forget that I asked"feeling as tho his 3007 Seems irrelevant

Nil "dont be discouraged age means nothing in comparison to the quality of life lived "seeing the lost look on jins face Nill continued the average human lives about 60-70 years those under level 1000 are fated to die after 5000 it is an inescapable fact.Yet most of the ascended are only 5 hundred years old and have many a story to tell. Head to local entertainment regions n see all the bards come form lower realms."

Jin rubbing his temples "what does this have to do with me"

Nill "I'll help you create another samara seed"

Jin" You want me to die, why,what have I done??"

Nil hurt by the lack of trust and the reality of the situation explians"I have to go in seclusion neither you or your fTher have the strength to replace me as head of the nine.With all that is going on I need some one I can trust to lead. "

Jin interrupts "what does that have to do with me dieing??"

Nil continues even though he is quiet annoyed "Venus is the candidate I choose"

Jin"It all makes sense now"

A few mins pass "I will do it but promise me when I return you will not let my sacrifice be in vain

Nil "I promise "

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