5 A New Start

Jin" Damn,my body hurts,did we actually survive all that and live to tell about it, feels like I've been drinking ,my head hurts"

Renji"Finally won,huh" with a down cast look on his face

Royko"Is this what you would call a win?" he ask with irritation and sadness in he voice he continues "so many soldiers have dieded,and those damn monsters,they multiplying every goddamn day,raising up from the ashes,only to do more killing and growing stronger with each life they take, and yet , here we are fighting amongst our selfe like a pack of rabid dogs"

Vice"Dont flatter your self,even dog will unite in the face of a common enemy,but we are beast of a different kind" puffs out stream of smoke followed by ring that manage to encircle the stream.

Tesla"Would you children...please be quiet!!"

Royko"No!! I am tired of being quiet this has got to....."

Angelina "STOP!!!!"

Royko" Exactly,This has got to....."

Angelina "when I said shut up,I ment shut up"

Tesla"You can hear it also?"

Angelina "hhmm"

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Surge " if you are talking about the kid, it's over there"

Tesla and Angelina "Come on let's.....wait!!you knew all this time?!"

Surge"What?? we all gotta eat,right "

Tesla "Sometimes,I forget thay you are more beast, than you are man" she says while staring daggers at Surge,who just struggs it over.

Angelina "Come on"

Everyone arrives to the find a half eaten corpse with the top of the stomach torn open and completely devoured,as if to from a crib.Within in a cot of flesh sleeps n child with black hair and dark brown eyes,which are now blinking at all those present

Jin"If I can focus just for one second,with out being interrupting!,I can take a moment look at the state of my soul...Giants!!" says in his mind with a startled look on his face

Renji"hahahhaha Your ugly ass mugs made the kid cry" says only to be rolling on the flooring laughter.

Telsa"Ill give you a reason to roll about on the floor "kicks him in the shin bone,"Aaarrrrhggghhh,You old witch,Demon faced Old ha..."Renji shudders suddenly and stop talking

Tesla"Good boy now I will only break one of you legs "

Renji sweats profusely and begs "No,No please big sis have mercy"

It should be note lthough they are brother n sister besides there dark brown hair and eyes they look and act nothing alike.

Tesla "Oooohh so I'm your sister now,maybe you should have remembered that sooner,Medic this mans leg is broken at the knee cap"

Everyone pauses for a second, Then a loud cracking noise is heard followed by an inaudible noise unheard by man or beast

Tesla "aww poor child out here all alone ,come to momma"

The transition leaves everyone speach less.

Tesla gently lifts the small child gently into her arms as though he might break if the wind blows to fiercely.

Jin(why is this giant lifting me up)

"what is that sound is something giving birth",this female gaint just broke the others leg ,no)no she should be a titan right, giants are much less intelligent and to be honest much much more ugly, maybe these titans had a falling out. Regardless of race why does she have me I her arms and why the hell is she smiling)Jin pauses "I've been talking out load for a while now,but she doesn't seem offended,maybe we speak different languages" Jin tries his best to rationales the situation while making eye contact.

Angelina"He is so ccuutteeeee,look he is facing you now"

Tesla" Say momma,mom ma,mom ma come on say?"

Jin"What are you saying I have neve heard this language before,so why can't she understand me??"

Tesla"No,no MOM MA come on you can do it?"

Jin"I dont understand... ah faget to speak directly with spirt n maybe we can reach an understanding. " (why are my hands so heavy I shouldn't be this weak after such a long time has passed).Fights until his hands are in front of his face n then he finally realizes the source of his weakness.

Angelina "Look he wants to touch your face"she chirps excitedly

Angelina and Tesla have always been friends since they were kids Tesla has always been the one to take the lead in tough situations so Angelina has come to rely on and worship her.

Telsa" Aaawweeee come to mommy "

Renji " If he only knew what mommy was capable of"

Tesla"If you want to be able walk anytime soon I suggest you do more limping and less flapping of gums"

Renji"Yeess mam"

Royko "I think he is better off dead than being born in to a world like this"

Surge"I like his eyes I think we should keep him,I can teach me lots of tricks"

Tesla"Number 1 the child lives,number 2 heis not one of you pets,You will NOTo be teaching him tricks,Understood?"

Surge "Yes mam!"while his hulking figure begins to sulk.

Vice"Can you even handle a child,how will he be registered,we dont even know If his mother is a citizen of this country"

Tesla "Yes she is a citizen of this country further more...."

Vice "Futher more... what??"

Tesla"It doesn't matter"

Angelina"Exactly let go of him he is already fast asleep " she says extending her hand to hold the baby.

Vice"This is going to be a long ride home"


Vice"Teleportation portal aren't easy on the body a baby wont be able to handle it"

Royko "The royals in Grimgar made it that way so just normal folks wouldn't want to use it frequently, as a plus they can save their mana cyrstal"

Angelina "Why must you always attempt to explain everything "

Royko " I simply speak the truth,the truth no one what's to hear"

Renji "Got that right brother " renji snickers "no one wants to hear it ,period"

Angelina kicks Renji he falls on the floor writhing in agony.

At the same tesla walks up to make sure get his ass of the floor when she feels a warm liquid run down her arm and on go Renjis face. Everyone burst out laughing..

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