Born Amidst Misery Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Born Amidst Misery


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The country values men over women, thus female babies are abandoned in the forest. Even if they survive, the world views women unkindly, most being sold into marriage if they are beautiful. There are more women birthed than men, and men are generally blessed by the Gods and Goddesses. Only few women are selected by the Gods and Goddesses, if selected, the woman is allowed to live like men. However, in the last 500 years, no woman has been blessed by a God or Goddess, thus women have been scorned even more. Then, Delilah’s birth, which took her mother’s life, alongside her twin brother, Lucifer, led to her being left in the forest. She is found by a kind witch, who takes her in and finds out that she has been blessed by the Goddess of Misery, Agatha, and delivers the baby to the Prime Minister. However, unknown to all but the Goddess Agatha, Delilah is actually a grown woman inside the body of a baby. Upon finding her, the Prime Minister reports her existence to the king, partially because her eyes are the same golden colour as his, and mostly because she has been blessed by a Goddess. Agatha is the most mysterious Goddess and one of the three most powerful beings in the Universe alongside Theion, the God of Pleasure, and Thanatos, the Being of Life and Death. Even though she is blessed, the biases of the court and country were against her, thus Delilah had to use the powers of her cuteness to win over her new father and brothers. However, her powers grew within her, and she was able to train alongside Agatha whilst sleeping since her birth, a power that only Theion’s blessed had received before her. Who was that? Her father, King Evelon, of course.