1 What Is Going On?

Night time, the sky is swarming with stars,the moon shines the brightest, one could see the whole scenery since there were no houses nor tall buildings to obstrusct the beautiful night sky view.

The only building that could be seen for miles was a small house that seems to be protected by a visible force, a Golden barrier by the looks of it. Inside the house a man, around his early forties is busy working on some kind of potion, one could tell because of the little tiny bottles filled with different coloured substances and their mystic glows

"Just a little bit of mystic rose petals and a drop of dragon blood" the man said while adding a pinkish green rose and a drop of blue blood. He later added a few more wierd looking ingredients, gave it a quick mix then continued by chanting some acient spells, as he was doing that the mix kept changing into different shades of colours like a scared chameleon, once he finished chanting a bright blinding light descended into the air up to the sky lighting it up, the man closed his eyes so he would not get affected by the beam, cause the light alone could make the blind, blind again.

Soon the light deplated leaving just a small gust of wind and it vanished like a ghost without any trace. Once the man opened his eyes he noticed the colour of the potion had stop changing and it remained a purple velvety colour with a small shiny diamond-like particles surrounding it.

"It worked!!.. I can't believe it worked"the man blurted out in excitement, he felt like dancing. It must be his first time preparing such a potion, but his happiness was short lived when an unknown force sends him flying

He was flunged across the room, from one end to another he soon stopped when he hit a wall,which was broken into a million pieces from the intense impact, luckily the man was quick in activating his defensive shield 'Golden light Shield' or else his bones would have broken into a million pieces. But it wasn't over yet.

The man was not even give a chance to recover from the last attack when the same attack was executed again, which was ten times stronger than the last one, the poor golden light Shield that took him weeks to make was broken into pieces along with a couple of his bones. He landed heavily on the wall with blood gushing out of his mouth, the man was actually quite strong for taking such a severe hit and is not dead!!.

"Show yourself!!...I want to see who's weak enough to attack me from behind"the man ordered witha hint of distain in his voice. Slowly a person's figure emerged from the shadows adding an eerie look to his already distort face, a huge scar from his left eyebrow down to his left cheek making him look exceptionally evil, he wore a ragged cloak alongside a rusted pin engroved with two serpent crossing each other. He was covered in dirt from head to toe

"Siziki!!" The man finally spoke, his voice was cold and eerie enough to send shivers down ones spine.

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