1 Book of Colors: The Starting Adventures of the Rascal Father and Son


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"A Story that crosses two worlds, by a wish, both of the worlds wanted. Someone they both lost, in their world.

"One lives in the Gray of the World, only covered by a saving grace of a little sunshine. The Other, Longs for the colors her world once had. As they cross path A Story will be told."

Arthur wakes up from his bed. He opens his eyes and looks around. It was a cloudy morning. He look goes outside to the rooftop, while wearing a dark blue bathrobe. He looks around. Only few people are walking nearby them. He looks at the clock outside. It was 6:02 in the morning. He smiles, because he wants to see the sunrise despite the cloudy weather. But, he thinks it was good. To see the sun rise in a cloudy weather.

Arthur is a Military Doctor. He was famed for his looks and physique. But Little they know. He was a very doting father. Of a 15 year old boy. He always calls, "Hey! Souvenir from my wife!" As he crawls to his son's bed and snuggle him. His red haired, blue eyed son pushes him away. "Morning Souvenir from my wife!" he said. "Dad! STFU!" said by him as he covers himself in his comforter. "Come on! The morning is great! Have coffee with me Red!" said Arthur. "Dad! Get a girlfriend if you want to annoy someone!" said Red. "Why are you rebelling? Is it because, I am spending too much time at work?" asked Arthur. Red sighs as he says, "Dad! Please! STFU!" shouted Red. Arthur stands up. He looks at the picture of his wife and son 14 years ago.

"Oh Iris, how much I miss you..." said Arthur. Red looks at Arthur. He kind of feels guilty about it as he says, "Fine! I'll join you for coffee!" said Red. They prepared as they get out of their rooms. Arthur looks very sophisticated in a navy sweater and black slacks, while Red was in his Red Hoodie and blue jeans. They walk inside a cafe. They, drink coffee silently. Then go back.

As they return home. Red actually realizes. "What the Fuck we just did? We did not talk to anyone, we don't talk to each other...we just stare at the sunrise and drink coffee!" said Red.

"Come on! Dear old dad needs time with his baby boy! I mean; children will just, grow up fast, you barely got the time to be a parent with them..." said Arthur. "Point taken, I am already 15, so technically... Wait! You are not even that old! You are like... 38 or something!" replied Red.

Arthur looks at the house. "Anyways...Let's get to your mother's grave...It's her 14th death anniversary..." said Arthur as he fixes himself in the mirror. He remembers how Iris helps him to fix his bow-tie. Arthur smiles and says, "How I wish to see you again, Iris my love."

The Mirror he bought started to shine in colors, hitting his right eye. The Earth trembled, as the ground took a massive hit. The Walls shake. Red goes to his Dad. "Dad something is terribly wrong!" said Red as they go down to the table. "Earthquakes! Better stay!" said Arthur as the ground bellow them collapsed. Arthur and Red falls to the eternal abyss, few minutes later they wake up in a forest, full of tree women, giggling and winking at Arthur. Red wakes up. "Where are we?" asked Red. "Are we in a fantasy world?" asked Arthur. Red and Arthur looks at each other and laughs. "Hell yeah!"

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