7 The Banquet 3

The old man raised his eyebrow. "What is your name?"

"Cale," replied Alex's brother after hesitating for a moment. "Cale Ferrum."

"What rank are you Cale?"

"B rank, Lord First."

Lord First, the old man, scratched his beard while deep in thought. "He is very talented, you should be proud of your son Galdore."

Alex's father nodded. "I am very proud of him. He will be able to take my place when my time has come."

"He is very suitable for the task. He is strong and brave, two qualities that I appreciate greatly."

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Lord Eighth Nelian snorted.

"This will be a dangerous mission," said Lord First with a serious look towards Cale. "There is a probable chance of danger and no one will be able to assist you. If you get into trouble or get your identity revealed, you are on your own. Do you understand?"


No. Alex started trembling as fragmented visions started playing in his mind.

The day his brother left the house. How he gave Alex a hug before heading off to the center of human society. His father watching Cale proudly as if he knew that his son would never fail him, his mother waving with a smile that hid the worry she felt, his sisters showing Cale the love they never showed to him. And Alex, walking his brother to the nearest train station as a last gift to his brother.

Another scene overlapped with the current one. the scene of Alex sitting in a cafe with Claude while watching the news on a television that hung on one of the walls. On the news was a picture of his brother Cale. He was wrapped in chains and had needles piercing throughout his entire body. He looked lonely and pale. His eyes still showing his courage and strength up till the moment the sword came down upon his neck, severing his head from his body, black blood gushing out like a-

Alex let out a quiet groan while Claude did his best to assist. "Are you okay sir? Something is terribly wrong, I shall get you out of here immediately."

However, Alex ignored Claude and continued to watch Lord First and Cale.

"Now that we have our volunteer, are there any complaints?"

Lord First waited for a moment. "No objections?"

Seeing that no one disagreed with his choice, Lord First gave a satisfied nod before beginning to clap. "Let us thank this young man for being brave and willing to risk himself for the greater good."

People began to clap all around Alex, causing the headaches inside his head to grow even worse. Before he even knew what he had done, Alex pushed Claude off, stepped forward, and raised his hand.

"I object."

The clapping immediately came to a stop everyone's attention became focused on him.

Lord First let out a frown. "For what reason do you object the-"

"Alexander. Stay silent."

Alex's father stood up and stared at Alex, the disappointment he felt for Alex was clear on his face.

Alex hesitated at the sight of his father but clenched his fists tightly and refused to comply. "I object to the appointment of Cale Ferrum as the spy."

"You unfilial and disgraceful son! I command you to stand down as your father-"

"Let him speak Galdore. I wish to listen to his explanation."

Alex's father opened his mouth to reply before frowning and sitting back down. Lord First sent a grateful look towards him before turning back towards Alex. "Why do you object?"

Alex took a deep breath. Although the visions and headaches had finally subsided, the images were still clear in his mind. He couldn't let his brother go. He had to stop him.

"I.... I recognize that Cale Ferrum is a talented and worthy individual who is surly capable of completing this task."

Lord First frowned. "Then why do you object-"

"Although Cale Ferrum is talented, I believe that it is ill suited to send a talented individual as him. It will be better to send someone else."

Intrigued, Lord First raised an eyebrow as he stroked his beard. "Explain."

Alex closed his eyes for a split second to calm his nerves before continuing.

"This is a mission that requires one to be able to flawlessly integrate with human society without garnering suspicion. Although Cale Ferrum might be able to disguise himself as a human to near perfection, his extraordinary talent will inevitably make him stand out."

Lord First let out a frown. "I see your point, even for demons, reaching B rank at such a young age is an incredible feat. It is sure to be noticed by the human leaders."

Alex nodded his head, agreeing with the bullshit Lord First had conveniently created for him. "Exactly, Lord First. I believe that we should send a demon with a Rank that is no higher than D. You see, in the human world a person who is E rank by the age of 20 is considered an exceptional talent."

"Is that so! It would indeed be a very bad idea to send anyone with a rank above D. A suicide mission perhaps. Well done."

"Thank you for the praise Lord First."

Alex sighed in relief. He had successfully prevented the events from the visions from happening. He still did not know whether or not the visions he saw truly revealed the future, however, he was not willing to gamble with his brothers life.

As Alex was slowly heading back to his original position, Lord First turned to the crowd of demons all around him.

"You have heard him speak. I also agree that sending Cale as the spy is an unwise decision. We require a new volunteer, someone who is under D rank. Do we have any willing individuals?"

Claude immediately smacked Alex on his side when he was close enough and started to furiously whispered to him. "Sir, do you have a death wish? One small mistake and they could've killed you."

"You over exaggerate Claude."

"Did you not see the person earlier who had interrupted Lord First? Please be more careful sir. If you managed to get yourself hurt sir, then I would receive an earful from the master."

Alex rolled his eyes. "Very unlikely. My father is the type to beat me once more if I come home after losing a match. He would be glad to get rid of a son like me."

"That is not true, sir."

"Whatever you say."

Lord first glanced around the room waiting for a hand to interrupt the silence. When he saw that no one was willing to raise their hand and smirked. "If no one is willing to volunteer, then I have a suggestion. Are all of the other Lords fine with this?"

Most of the Lords either nodded their heads affirmation or watched on silently. Seeing the mostly positive reactions, Lord First gave them an even wider grin. Alex let out a sigh of relief and made his way to the door with Claude.

"I believe that we have already found the perfect individual. He has expressed his mental intelligence as well as his quick thinking and resistance to pressure. He was not afraid to speak his mind in the presence of thirteen beings on a higher plane than him and even went against his own father's words to express what he believed to be right."

Alex stopped in his tracks. He had a very bad suspicion that something he didn't like was about to happen. Something he really didn't like.

"I believe that this candidate will be able to deceive the mindless humans and bring prosperity to our world."

Alex immediately resumed walking at a faster pace and made his way to the door.

'Why the fuck did the room have to be so big?' He thought to himself as he started running towards the door. It was a surprise that no one had noticed his desperate behavior.

"The candidate I'm thinking of is-"

Alex grabbed the door handle and was about to open it when the space around him warped until he was by Lord First's side. Everyone's eyes bore into him as he awkwardly stood there with a dismal expression.

"-Alexander Ferrum, Son of Lord Thirteenth." Lord First gave a pat on Alex's back. "Is there anything that you want to say?"

For a split moment, Alex's vision of Cale getting beheaded changed into a vision of with him as the main character.


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