Bonded to a Werewolf 101 Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Bonded to a Werewolf 101


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I am starting to feel something for him, something powerful and alive. It is making home in my chest, like embers of ash being relit, and small flames are starting to grow. I turn to look at him, and it is like I am seeing him for the first time. He is beautiful. So beautiful I can't describe it. Eighteen-year-old Rayne Hill has been gifted with a painting at a local garage sale. At first, the piece draws her in like a moth to a flame. Yet as she continues to stare, her skin tingles with anticipation. She regards the canvas with caution, but gratefully accepts it. On the same day, unbeknownst to Rayne, something sinister spills from the painting. This leaves her orphaned and left in the care of other relatives. Months after the strange deaths of her parents, Rayne must face the painting head on—but in this case, she steps too close. The painting is in fact a portal guarded by ancient forces for a millennium. Rayne finds herself in the hands of an unlikely ally, and must trust his guidance to bring back the balance between the two worlds.


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