1 Welcome to the Story.

Hello Cuties. My name is Cait I am one of the Authors on Bonded at Midnight. My other Author is my best friend Destany. This story will take you on a emotional rollercoaster as you get to know the characters. There are unexpected turn of events and many twists and turns. So sit back and enjoy this emotional and crazy journey into the world of the Lunar Games. 

Let us begin by introducing our main character. Meet Aislinn Wilds the daughter of the local sheriff and a Irish decent. Aislinn speaks Gaelic which is a big part of who she is and how she will develop more in the story. Aislinn is a strong minded and outspoken type of girl, she knows who she is and has no fear in putting people into their place. That will soon become a problem as she has become of age to enter the towns oldest traditions. The Lunar Games. 

Now let us introduce you to the future Alpha of the Silver Alder Pack; Alpha Cain Luciano. Alpha Cain is strong minded and stubborn man who has a dark side to him. On the night of the Lunar Games the future Alpha will find and claim his future Luna of his back. But how will it all play out when these two personalities clash? Are these bound to rule together side by side or be the cause of each other's destruction?

Find out in Bonded at Midnight. 

"Stroke of Midnight, Everything Changes"

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