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My eyes opened slowly, the place was dark. I hardly saw the setting sun, my face was covered with dry blood from my wounded forehead. I sat upright gently holding my chest. my forehead and the core of my heart pains like hell. Well, am I dead yet? I wasn't in a stinky tomb anymore but in a dark forest with tall trees canopying the place. I hardly see anything in the dim light, the smell of slimy rain forest mixed with the blood filled my nose. I saw something sparking in darkness, like sparks of fire, staring closely I observed and saw burning red eyes staring at me in darkness from a distance, all the pain vanished at that instant. All my brain came up with is to run my stupid butt from that thing, that monster? Uttering a prayer under my breath I jolted through the pathless gloomy forest with blood blurring my sight, going as fast as my legs could, tripping over roots, my feet tangled in tree veins, I pitched forward but landed flat on the ground, sliding through the damp leaves and hitting my head with tree root, making my wounded forehead bleed more, and my left cheek burns where I scraped the ground, Hot tears threatening to fall from my eyes. I felt a very strong presence of negative energy around me … as if someone was following me, I pushed myself back on my feet. And half ran, half stumbled my way out of the dark forest. I feel the sheer rush of hope at the sight of the stone steps that lead to the garden of my house. The burst of adrenaline propelled my legs faster and I followed the stairs climbing as I ran.  I ran, putting pressure on the oozing wound on my forehead with my left hand and ran until I was in my garden. I was no longer in the gloomy forest, there was no sign of the monster? Demon? Whatever that thing was, wasn't here anymore, I'm safe now, exhaling deeply, I feel relieved now but every part of me aches. I started drizzling and came falling down, with my face covered in blood. Two strong arms grabbed hold of me, before I reached the ground, the thing I saw last was two honeyed eyes staring into mine full of worries before my eyes closed.   These eyes look familiar ... Who do these honeyed eyes belong to?


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