1 Ning xi

It was a warm summer evening the stars shone brightly. A young girl looked out her window at the night sky she had long black hair, Jade white skin and a pair of crystal clear eyes. She seemed to be in deep thought, she was clearly looking at the sky but her mind was somewhere else.

'knock knock' the knock on the door snapped her out of her daze.

"Come in" the house keeper Mother He stepped into the young misses room.

"Young miss,it's time for dinner" mother he said with a smile.

"I'll be down in a minute" her voice was cold and devoid of emotion. Emotion she didn't think that was something she possessed. Mother He slightly frightened by the young miss tone nodded her head and ran for her dear life.

"Ha...." Ning xi sighed she didn't mean to use that cold tone on mother he, she was the closest person she had to a mother in this place. Ning xi quickly put in emotions in check and headed downstairs for dinner.

It was a rare occasion for both her parents to be home . They pretty much forgot they had a daughter most of the time. They lived in peach blossom hills the most elegant and refined place for nobles in City B, the peach blossoms were the only thing she liked about her prison.

"Good evening mother and father, uncle and aunty Lu" She curtsied and gave them her most charming smile but it held no warmth. She felt like a robot programmed to do only what her master commanded in this case her parents.

"Xiao xi has gotten much prettier since the last time I saw you" aunty Lu complemented." Thank you aunty Lu for the compliment" Ning xi be gave her, her signature smile.

" No need for all the formalities we will be family soon" aunty Lu had a cunning glint in her eyes." Take a seat, I have something to tell you" her father's deep authoritative voice commanded, she had no choice but to seat down.

"The Lu's and the Ning's have been friends for many years, to smoothen our relationship we plan to have you engaged to Lu Chen, it has already been consented by the elders".

Ning xi was speechless, how could they was controlling her life not enough?, she didn't have friends,she could never do what she wanted she was trapped in this prison her marriage was also another chance for freedom, but yet they had thrown her into another prison again!?"

" This is a good thing and something to be happy about" Her mother gave her cold smile Ning xi had long concluded the woman was incapable of showing any kind of emotion. "Of course it is" Uncle Lu had a charming smile on his face.

"You needed to see how happy Lu Chen was, when I told him the news"

Ning xi felt something surging inside her it was rampaging and threatening to burst, she clenched her first under the table her knuckles had turned white. She was no longer smiling , how could they smile and laugh at her own misfortune?.

'Bang' Ning xi slammed her palm against the table. All eye were on her the room was eerily quiet.

"What? you want me to get married to Lu Chen? did you ask my opinion!? isn't it enough you've turned me to a robot an unfeeling human? huh.... tell me the truth was I adopted? did you pick me up from the streets? "

" Ning xi! shut up! " her father howled angrily.

" Honey calm down" her mother said panicking patting her husband's back. This most the the first time Ning xi had seen any expression on her face apart from the usual cold one.

"Hahaha...." Ning xi suddenly laughed out like a mad person, the woman she had been trying to please for the past twenty years of her life, actually had emotions but it was not for her.

"Ning xi you listen to your father you will be engaged to Lu Chen and that's it"

" No I will not! I will not let you control my life anymore! " Ning xi's eyes were red from anger.

'Pah' a slap echoed in the house Ning xi touched her now red cheek as tears streamed down her face.

"You.... you hit me" he voice was light almost like a whisper. "Listen to me either you get engaged to Lu Chen or you forget that I ever had a daughter like you" Father Ning shouted angrily.

" Yes please do, I'm sure there are millions of people dying to take my place "

" Shut up and do as I say, Tang xi take the young miss to her room"

A well built man dressed in all black came forward to take her away she recognized him her father's personal body guard. Ning xi knew if Tang xi got her it would be the end so she chose her last choice and grabbed a knife from the table and slit her left wrist then her right wrist. The world turned dark before her eyes her last thought was.

"I'm finally free"

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