Reviews of Blue Soul Vampire: A Light in the Abyss

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Pretty darn good really interesting ideas in it with good potential good characters and decent background for each of them so its definitely worth reading my only problem is wishing it was a TV show


Blue Soul Vampire: A Light in the Abyss is a book of fiction written by redgefleming. The story revolves around a vampire named blue who wanted to torture himself to the point he challenged the human race to kill him. Unfortunately, he was sent to another world through a portal in which she met a woman who are tasked to stop a certain kind of demons from summoning the demon lord. Although the grammar is great with minimal mistakes, there are slight errors when it comes to punctuation. Some involved commas which were not necessary, but then again, they were rare. Personally, what I love about the story is the contrast between Blue and Celina. Next, the flaw of the book was that too much descriptions were being used. Too many alternatives for the dialogue tag "said" and "asked" as I would frequently see command, gasp, laugh, and if the author were to use said and asked, they'd be paired up with too much adverbs. Keep things simple with the dialogue tags. Like what Stephen King says, "While to write adverbs is human, to write he said and she said is divine." That's all I can say for now, good luck with your writing!


This was a delightful book, that had all the ingredients for a great tale; intrigue, plot twists, and character building. Also The writing was witty and the characters were memorable. I could so clearly visualize the facial expressions of the characters that I want to see this as a movie.😭😭😭😭😭😭


As always, I read seventy percent of a novel before adding a review so I'm sorry if the review took long hehe. Anyway, let's start with the writing quality. I would like to rate it five stars. Though the grammar have some minor flaws, it seems to be that it improves the further I read. A little punctuation error here and there but does not really affect the story that much plus they are minimal. The author is good with vocabulary and I might have borrowed some of them. Stability of Updates, this category is always worth five stars for any novel I read. Story Development, this category will also be rated five stars because of how smooth the pace it. It's not fast, it's not slow, looks like the author has chosen a fixed pace which makes it more comfortable to read. Also, I love how long the chapters are unlike mine :( since I feel like I'm reading an actual novel. Character Design. I was able to portray the looks of the characters so nothing much to criticize when it comes to this category. There is character interaction; this shows how the characters develop aside from the main character. World Background. Here, I'm just going to include world building wherein in this case, the author has done a great job. Great descriptive texts, you remind me of my favorite author, Edgar Allan Poe, the author of "The Murders in Rue Morgue."


It's a very interesting book. Like the way, the story is progressing. Need more chapters with some kick-ass twists and turns. Enjoying it so far hope everyone enjoys it as well. Good Work.


To be honest this story is great. I managed to get hooked in it easily. Polar opposites but managed to form a bond slowly, is a really good plot. Some grammatical errors are found, but it's basically understandable. I wish you continue updating more.


An amazing novel that we can look upon to. The story is still developing and still has a lot to offer as the story progress. But this is my initial rate to the author to show my support.


Overall pretty good. The writing quality is good, though there are some places that I would definitely drop some commas. The author has crafted a unique story and memorable characters. Looking forward to seeing author grow