1 Chapter 1

They say teenage years are the best years in one's life. Jin did not know where this phrase came from but there's one thing he know for sure, that he is a living proof that it is true.

4th year high school...

"Jin hyung can you speed up your motorbike! It's already 7:30! We're already 30 minutes late !" Taehyung, who is sitting at Jin's back, shouted.

"Are you nuts?!" Jin replied. "We might end up in jail if I speed up or worse we might get ourselves killed."

"You're afraid, aren't you?" Jungkook asked.

"Who's afraid?" Jin answered him with another question.

"If you're afraid just say so." Jimin said.

"I'm not afraid!"

"Oh reall-." Jin speeds up his motorbike before Jimin even finish speaking and with that they reached the school in just a few minutes.

"What have you done hyung?" Jungkook said who was very dizzy that he could not stand up straight.

"Now tell me, who's more afraid among the four of us?" Jin said as he look at them in pity.