Daisy doesn't know what she was getting herself into when she decided to follow her best friend Tobi on the picnic she had planned out. Tobi is a tomboy, she acts more like a guy than a lady she really is, people teased her that it's probably because she has a masculine name (Tobi is given mostly to male child). Tobi, who isn't afraid of anything decided that her definition of fun is to have a picnic in the middle of the forest with some of our faculty friends.

We are three friends, Tobi, Stella and I, although we are best friends and roommates, our characters are different from each other, in fact, our physical appearance are opposite. While Tobi is tall (5ft 9") a bit muscular from sport, and only wears trousers, Stella is about 5ft 3" lean and prefer anything short, short gown, short skirt, as long as its above her knee, she'll wear it, while I am 5ft 6" chubby and I can wear anything, as long as I look good in it, although I'm not a fan of big clothes. Tobi cuts her hair low while Stella and I weave our hair.

Although I tried to warn Tobi about the bad feelings I have concerning her idea of having a night picnic in the middle of a forest, she told me I'm just being paranoid. It isn't that big of a forest, it's more like the woods but still, it's dark and dangerous. Here we are, settled in the middle of somewhere, surrounding a little burn fire we made, we built our tent beside each other to make a circle around the fire. Stella suggested we play truth or dare before going to bed, there are ten people surrounding the fire, four boys, six girls, we are all freshman students from the faculty of Arts, they all agree to play while I decided to watch but Tobi won't have any of it.

Why nobody is scared or showing any sign of discomfort is beyond me, in fact, everybody seems to be enjoying this too much, the music is loud enough to wake the dead. It must have been the books and movies I always watched that's making me feel so paranoid, this feel like one of the scene from horror movie just before the ghost or monster pop out and start killing everyone. I know I shouldn't be thinking of these but I can't help it.

I almost screamed out when I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Toby, she looked at me weirdly when she saw how I jumped in fright. She told me to calm down that nothing bad will happen, I wanted to tell her that's what those people in horror movies say just before the ghost or monster start popping out but I decided against it, I know she'll just laugh at me.

About one hour later, although I haven't completely shaken off my fear, I'm more relaxed than I was before, Toby has forced down a couple of drinks down my mouth. The little alcohol I had has loosen me up a bit, but that was before we all heard a loud howl from the woods. Every bit of alcohol I gulped down left my body in an instant, I became sober immediately, the fear that I was trying to shut off came back tenfold, and I had started shaking in fright. I'm terrified, Stella told us to relax that it's probably a wounded dog and it was nothing. The music continue after we had listened for over five minutes and heard nothing, I wish they'll just stop this music, I'm not felling it at all. In fact it's making things worse for me, all I can think is how it's calling attention to us.

Everyone seems to go back to the way things were, like nothing happened, I couldn't, I don't think I'll be able to sleep properly tonight, I know I shouldn't have come along, I don't even know why I agreed to this stupid picnic, I hate dark places. If it had been in the morning or afternoon, I would have loved it but night scare me, I don't go out after its dark, darkness holds more than we thought it does and I'm not curious enough to try and find out what. I swear I'm never going anywhere like this again, even if it's to save a soul, I can't risk losing mine.

As I was thinking up different scenes from the movies and books I've read that reminds me of where I am, we heard another howl, louder and nearer this time, I am a tiny bit away from passing out or running off, I choose the formal, I can't afford to run into whatever dog that was. The music was switched off and everybody start to get up, at lease now they know it's not a dog, now I can see the fear I've been feeling on everybody else. Soon some dogs began to come out of the woods, no, these are not dogs, they look fiercer and they are way bigger than dogs, more like wolves. I can see recognition in everyone's eyes, the wolves came out from the woods and stood few metres away from us, silently snarling, they seem to be accessing us. We only have four boys and six girls in our group, how are we supposed to take down a pack of wolves, there are about five of them. Even if we could, I'll be totally useless because I'm so freighted to the core.

Before the wolves could do anything, we all ran, thankfully, the wood isn't too far from the city but before I could get out, I tripped my feet and fell, the wolves who was chasing us stopped as well, they stood about two meter away from me but they never stopped their wicked snarling and growling. As the big one ran at me, a bigger wolves came from behind me and attacked it. The wolves rolled off. I didn't even hear it coming, it is a beautiful big white wolf, with some black strands marking its tail, it looks like those snow wolf. The wolf gave a big snarl and the other wolves ran off, it turned its head to look at me and I saw the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen, it looks like a blue moon, I feel like I'm staring at the moon on a clear day. It turned it head back and ran after the other wolves, I also picked myself up and find my way back.

No matter how I told the guys about what happened with the white wolf, they didn't believe me, they said there was no white wolf and I'm just imagining things. Tobi even said she wonder how I was able to figure anything out since I look too scared throughout the encounter. I can't believe nobody believed me but I don't blame them, I was the only one that saw him. He's my little secret or maybe a big one, cuz, he's a very big wolf.

I wish I could see the wolf again, maybe just to say thanks to it, but Tobi and Stella call me nuts, they won't stop laughing at me whenever I brought up the topic of the wolf, so I never brought it up again, I'd rather keep him to myself anyway.

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