Blue Moon Wolf Book

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Blue Moon Wolf


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Daisy Joshua, a human girl writer find herself in an encounter with wolves where she was almost attacked. She was saved by a wolf with a blue moon eyes, which she couldn't get out of her mind afterwards. Three years later, she met a human boy with the same eyes. What could be the connection between those two? What Daisy doesn't know is that, her life will no longer be the boring episodes it was, she will become a target of the hunters for being the Mate of a Blood Wolf. The most powerful and extinct of all werewolves, who is being hunted by the council. Victor Kings never thought the girl he happen to save from wolves attack would turn out to be his mate. What is he to do as he isn't strong enough to protect her yet and he doesn't know how to explain to the human what he is. He has no choice but to wait for the right time and it happens to be three years later. Victor had to find a better way to explain to Daisy about him being a werewolf but the hunters gave him no chance as Daisy has to see him shift to his wolf form before he could tell her about himself. What will Daisy do in this situation and how will she survive the upcoming war with the hunters especially since her best friends are also involved.


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