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Blue Hells


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What is Blue Hells

Read Blue Hells novel written by the author JoanB on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering action, adventure, modern, weaktostrong, scifi. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Peace once reigned in Kharlain, but such times have ended, and hell has broken loose as The Plague looms. Kross Melin struggles as a disaster-prone survivor. Death follows his every step, and destruction accompanies him, year after year. Eventually, his only living companions were the suspicion, doubt, and distrust which grew in his heart. Fed up with being a walking disaster, Kross is determined to get to the bottom of his curse even if it kills him. After all, Death Is Not The End (Note: In case people might wonder about the reviews, this is the revised version of the story. I changed it to focus only on sci-fi.


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[WARNING: MILD SPOILERS] For this review, I’ll start by saying, this novel is surely engrossing. Starting off with a militaristic theme, the story starts off on an interesting note, and it’s later found out the characters are playing a virtual game but instead got stuck, left to fight what seemed like real zombies. 8 chapters in (as of the 22nd of April), I find the writing quality superb, and with the stability of updates, there’s something most readers can look forward to whilst reading this page-turner, and with that, the story and plot develop well. The characters are elaborately designed and the world background is incredibly unique. I urge you all to give this novel a try, as this is a must-read! - mari <3


Wow... this book is so captivating and different from your previous works. Captivating, amazing and exciting storyline. Looking forward to reading more updates soon. Missed you my dearest author JoanB and hope u have been doing good all these while. 😘


I love this book. it is different and unique. The storyline is superb. The characters are getting better. Even the ML, he is my favorite. I will wait for more chapter. I will support this book. Go, go, go. It the best.


I'm here under the recommendation of fellow author AJZHEN. As a RomCom lover I rarely switch genres ,so to read a book that pique my interest is truly fascinating. Hopefully the the suspense and thrills keep coming as not to make me lose interest halfway


The tItle alone would make you want to check the book. “The last man standing in the apocalypse “ It’s well written and I guarantee you will love it. Come and check it out, you will not regret it.


I'm the author here. This is a shameless review, but I can guarantee this book will perk your interest with its sci-fi and virtual game combo. I would love to hear your comments and reviews to help me improve my story-writing skills. [img=recommend]


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This story is very interesting , I first checked it out because of the original tItle “Last man standing” I read it when it was a video game and i was not that interested. However, now that it was changed to a sci-fi. I will surely stick around to see what happens all the way to the end. Why not join me and see how the story unfold. Add to your library and lets have some fun while following the story to the end.


The story and the plot is nice. You guys should at least try reading this. Though not everyone have the same taste in books. But maybe you guys will like it. The book is exciting also have new new things that can be discovered like about their new technology.


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