1 Thirst

I haven't been this thirsty in a long while. Running through the town, I can sense everyone's soul around me and hear their beating hearts. Hear every breath they take and their scents. My demon side wants to eat them all. I finally reach to where the sweetest smell is coming from, but it was surrounded by maybe millions of vampires. I bite and lick my lips rushing forward pushing through them all. I use my fast speed and end up hovering over a small girl that was behind two men, trying to protect her. They notice me a couple of seconds afterward and everyone freezes as I bite my lip looking down at her. Everyone knows that in one moment she could be dead. Instead, I just stand there and look into her bright blue eyes. I reach into my pocket and look away, I pull out a sucker and put it in her hands. Turning around, I face the crowd and boost my strength as I dash forwards, tearing into their bodies as I run through them. Shocked and confused they scream and try to catch me but I had already disappeared into the barely lit town.

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