Blue Eyed Beast (#1- Blue Eyed Luna Series) Book

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Blue Eyed Beast (#1- Blue Eyed Luna Series)


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**Book 1** 〰️ Adeline Manson is a burden to her parents and her pack. Born with a feral wolf, she has done the unthinkable. She attacked her friend, nearly killing her. Injected with wolfsbane and silver to suppress the Beast, her life is a constant wave of pain, anger and guilt. Even with her 18th birthday coming up - where her mate could, hopefully, break the deadly cycle - she has lost all hope. The poison flowing through her veins will kill her surely before a bond could ever form. But, with a pair of faithful parents, a feisty Oracle with an ego the size of Texas, and a male with warm brown eyes and a kind, crooked smile, Adeline discovers a secrets as dangerous as the world she is living in. A secret that will not only kill her, but also, possibly everyone that cares for her.


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