Blooms and Wilts: tesla Book

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Blooms and Wilts: tesla


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From the beginning of time, a man planted the Cronus seed, the man took care of the see, with time passing....the seed grew into two flowers, one grew beautifully with white petals, and the other grew black petals and sharp thorns... Time passed by, the flowers were fully grown...One full moon,the petals of the flower turned into other beings, life was given to pyschics while the bulbs of the flowers gave incredible powers to the man earning him the name of the guardian,controlling both powers of wilts and blooms...those from the white flower have been called blooms having light attributes as their abilities and the ones from the black petalled flower were called wilts having dark attribute abilities.... Blooms have lived peacefully while wilts sread sorrow and negativity throughout the world...the blooms couldn't stand the things done by wilts they stood up against them starting the known "The battle of petals"...many pyschics lost their life fighting leaving seeds on the ground,at last the war was at end...the blooms won,yet the loss brought sorrow upon the land,the guardian coudn't bear the sight of the descendants of the flower he took care of turned to seeds as the sign of being dead...he used all of his power to bring all the seeds back to life giving birth to non-powerful being,therefore,the birth of humans...Using all of his powers,the guardian 0 to dust leaving the words "they'll be back...a new bearer of the golden eyes will emerge giving,and history will repeat itself"... As the death of wilts and the guardian, for safety the blooms chose to stay quiet and hide their existance,living among human,even in the present times....

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