Bloody Serenade Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Bloody Serenade


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When the orphan Kim Ye-Rin was proclaimed as the daughter of the Emperor of Vaekar, she met Kim Jung-Hyun, her older brother, who was as cold as ice. Doing everything in her power, she tried to get him to show her some warmth...even destroying her own humility and becoming the Witch of Devilry. Yet in the end, she watched him fall in love with a mortal. As she burned to death, the memories of her life hardened her heart. The darkness completely enveloped her and she embraced the darkness, awakening the life of a true villain. When she opened her eyes, she was already back in the past. Yet unlike before, she didn't hesitate to kill. Didn't hesitate to be a devil in order to achieve what she wants. And that's to be the Emperor herself.


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