1 Curiosity...?

Y/n's POV

I sat in a bar with some of my friends and had fun. We all had plenty to drink. Rosé and I were trying to persuade the other girls to dance. When IU can to the table with a girl I did not know.

IU: "Hi girls! This is lily, she just moved here!"

Everyone:" Hi lily!"

Rose:"Come sit with us lily, we don't bite... well I'm not so sure about y/n bu- ouch!"

I pinched rosés hip and smiled at lily

"Don't listen to her, I'm nice too!"

I kindly smiled at lily who smiled back shyly

Lily was rather small and very thin. She had curly blonde hair and her face was reminiscent of a porcelain doll.

I was sure she'd be in high demand by the guys in here. Speaking of boys right now the most sought after guys in the city came to the bar right now.

All of the girls eyes went straight to the boys except mine. Well..I know the pretty faces of these guys by heart anyways. Since they were my best friends.

I had always been more of a shy type of girl who got along well with guys more than girls.

Rosé on the other hand had often tried to put me in a dress, but I had always defended myself with claws and teeth.

I preferred to wear comfortable clothes like jeans and an oversized hoodie.

Rosé beside me had sighed in love

Rosé:"Why do they look hotter every time I see them!?"

I rolled my eyes and poured another glass of brandy

"Shut up and have a drink!"

I focussed on my drink in front of me

When suddenly the girls around me became quiet

I looked up to see all of them wide eyed

I realized it was because four shadows towered over me

Two arms embraced me from behind and rocked me from side to side

Kyle: " hi little one, still sober?"

I turned around and punched him in the arm as hard as I could

Kyle gasped and held his arm with extreme exaggeration

I jumped up and grab Kyle by his shirt

I hated that he and the others were so tall

"Don't call me little" I said with a slight attitude in my voice

I could feel the glances at the table

In fact rosé was my only real friend

The others talk about me behind my back

The other girls were just jealous that I had a good relationship with the boys

And often called me the boys pet

I was barely above the average height for a woman standing at 5"0

People told me I was too thin and never had the attributes of a woman

I was an a cup and my butt was flat

I barely wore makeup and when I did it was just a touch of eyeliner or lipgloss

The only thing people liked about me were my eyes And hair

I had hazelnut colored eyes along with long black waves that almost reached my waist

At school I always wore big clothes and always kept my hair in a braid

Maybe that's why the guys thought I was such a good buddy

At least the other girls didn't see me as a competitor

Another reason I chose to be friends with guys was because they did not blaspheme!

I smiled at the boys and they smiled back

I could hear one of the girls behind me whispering

Girl: "They should leave their disgusting pet on the next train to lalaland

Everyone laughed except for rosé and lily

I ignored their rude comments

But the boys looked furious

Taylor went to the girl who had spoken and reached out to stroke her cheek

Taylor: " so yummy" he said in his deep husky voice

The girl turned red, but Taylor's eyes turned skeptical as if checking the quality of an apple

Taylor: " Unfortunately, the inside is rotten and full of worms" he said with disgust In his voice

He then wiped his hand on her blouse and the girl almost burst into tears

Girl: " Your so mean!"

The girls all stood up and left leaving rosé,lily,the guys, and me standing there

Taylor squeezed my hand encouragingly and smiled

Rosé: "Well that's the mood! Come on lily and y/n we are going to go dance this sh*t off"

I finished the rest of my drink before rosé yanked me out to the dance floor


Here you guys listen to this song on YouTube to get the idea of what it looks like

Allie X- Rings a bell ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~~_~

I quickly grabbed Lily's hand so I wouldn't have to dance with a drunken rosé

As soon as we got on the dance floor a new song began playing

Rosé immediately started bouncing up and down to the beat

I never tried hard to dance well, but when I saw how good lily could dance I felt freed somehow

I let my hips circle to the beat of the song

Lily laughed happily and started dancing with me

Rosé was dancing wildly around us

Lily and I laughed at rosés cute red cheeks and tousled hair

When lily looked me in the eyes I felt as if I could float

I blamed it on the alcohol and danced self confidently

My body moved on it's own

I had never danced like that before

I never thought I could dance like that before

As I kept dancing strands of my hair fell in my face

I noticed lily danced a bit old fashioned but she looked beautiful as she moved

She looked like doll led by invisible threads as she danced erotically around me

I knew that it would draw the attention of men around us

But i didn't care

I followed her movements and didn't want to imagine how sexy the looked

Two young women dancing with each other like that

Tyler: " What's up with y/n today... I've never seen her dance like that before?!"

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The light flickered around us as everyone danced wildly

My hair tie slipped out of my hair and my top slipped over revealing my bare shoulder

Lily looked at me strangely and bit her bottom lip


Hi guys this is my first story I know this chapter is long but I plan on making a very interesting story

If you have any feedback please tell me 😙✌🏾

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