Bloody Iron and mechanized flesh Book

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Bloody Iron and mechanized flesh


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The Locrian empire was just a single planet, through turmoil and advancement however. Their lust for power has reached to the stars, claiming the planets nearby until fully dominating the system they dwelled on. But years after these triumphs, they desire far more power. And so, the Locrian Empire came to be, the billions of citizens of Locria have decided, that one sole leader shall lead Locria beyond the system, one many have called Ares, the sole title of the leaders of Locria. This has been 100 years after, and many systems have bent their knees to Locria, those who resisted met grim fates. Arekius, a selected warrior of the Deimos division. The elites of Locria, will face many more wars and battles, supported by his mechless brethren the Phobos legion. Serving the Locrian empire for his entire life.


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