4 Chapter 3 : Everyone’s Favourite Coffee Shop AU

There are a few things to be known about our humble protagonist Daisy. In her original world she was an average person. Not average in a way that she could be considered boring but more so in the sense that she was no genius hacker or a badass assassin or the millionaire CEO of some multinational company. She was a normal college student pursuing a degree in medicine.

Now standing in her empty motel room with her bags strewn around haphazardly she was stumped as to what she wanted to do. Her parents weren't there to pressure her anymore. Her parents didn't exist in this world at all.

And suddenly just like that her previous bravado was gone. She had never felt such loneliness before. She practically didn't know any body in this twisted novel world. Her friends, family, teachers, acquatainces were all gone. She might not have liked all of them but they were the connections she had made throughout her life.

But a thing to be known about our current protagonist Daisy is that she's a very 'go with the flow' sort of person. Her previous friends and family could all agree that if there was one thing quite genuinely admirable about her personality was that she could adapt herself to any situation.

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So it would not be a shock to them to learn that in a romance novel world , she would forgo the usual plans of harem collection and world domination and just start working at a coffee shop. Best described in her own words as

"My goddamn coffee shop au."

Daisy had proclaimed this on her first day at Orchid Cafe, dresses in what she considered to be a cute uniform.

Flower related pun aside, she felt the place perfect for her. It was quaint, smelled of freshly roasted coffee beans, hosted numerous mysterious patrons and owned by an equally mysterious old lady who might just be in the mob.

"Daisy, you are a really imaginative child, has anyone ever told you that?"

"You can't fool me boss. I've seen those suspicious looking perps in leather jackets talking in whispers in the private booth."

"Oh, you foolish child they are just normal office workers"

"They carry guns and call you godmother."

At this her boss usually patted her on the head and left without saying a word but with a puzzling smile.

Daisy's life still wasn't as stable as she hoped, what with the impending revenge from Rose and the manhunt organised by the slag fiancé. But at least working at this absurd place kept her mind focused on her present situation and not the life she had lost in the blink of an eye..