3 Chapter 2: A game plan is needed

Step 1: The female lead is betrayed

Step 2: After few years she is a successful model and cones back for revenge

Step 3: She catches the eye of the elusive male lead

Step final: the villains aka I am punished and the die

There was a lot more finer details to the story of course but Daisy was understandably more focused on the parts that would result in her eventual gruesome death.

She shuddered just thinking about it.

She had two years before Rose came back and started her revenge. She needed a plan to save herself since going back out if the bloody novel didn't seem to be an option in the immediate future.

And unlike various other transmigrated infividuals she was not a genius hacker not did she have any in-depth information about the novels world that could help her come out on top.

When she was reading it the novel only focused in the romance and how hot the male lead was and all that stuff.

Another major factor if her gruesome death, the male lead. He a was said to be a rich, powerful individual from an old noble family. How did he get rich and powerful?

Business. What business? The novel didn't give two shits about that. Otherwise Daisy could have had more information about how to become rich and powerful herself.

So Daisy laid out a plan. And the first part was gonna be easy if she played it right.

"Jason, I cant marry you."

The man in front of her had a puzzled expression on his face. Daisy had to admit, the dude was pretty hot for a slag fiance character. The suit he was wearing fitted him quite well. He had chiseled jaw and surprisingly beautiful eyes.

"Darling, is this a joke?" Jason was confused, why was the girl of his dreams rejecting him after all the trouble of their engagement. He had given he justice for all the ill treatment she suffered under her sister and now they could finally be together in front of the world.

Daisy sighed

"No Jason, you are the joke."


"You're a fucking idiot Jason. Fluttering my eyelashes at you was all it took for you to betray a woman you've known for more than half your life. I cant be with such an idiot. Adios, you fool."

She said all this in her quite demure White lotus voice so that till the idiot figured out all the insults she would already be out the room.

Next step, leave the bloody country but before that write a strongly worded letter to novel Daisy and Roses father. Daisy voiced out all the annoyance she felt for all the asshole family members she'd read about in most other novels.

Next day the household was in a panic . The young miss had disappeared after breaking off her engagement. Her father after entering her room had found a letter addressed to him on his desk.

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'Dear sperm donor,

I refuse to call you my father as it would be an insult to both me and Rose who unfortunately share your genes. You might be thinking I am such an ungrateful daughter just like Rose and I should just be like the quite , delicate woman my mother was and listen to your orders. To that I say, go fuck yourself. You married Roses mom cuz you're a gold digger and continued an affair with my mom cuz you're a slut. You think theses women depended on you? Loved you? Well my mom played you like a fiddle and had you wrapped around her pinky. You were just too up your own ass to realise it. Unlike Rose I dont care to get your love and am tired of acting like I do. Goodbye! Hope to never see you again!

Hugs and kisses

Your truly


P.S I sold all my stocks of your company to get some extra cash so good luck with that..'

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