2 Chapter 1: The beginning of course

The setting was an engagement party. On this joyous occasion the crowd of upper class socialites were given the unique entertainment of seeing the host family's dirty laundry be aired out in the public.

It's not everyday you see the prince abandon the cruel stepsister for pretty, pure Cinderella.

Strangely the most agitated person at the scene was not the cruel one being disowned by her own family but the so called white lotus herself.

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It hadn't been long since Daisy had transmigrated into character of the same name from the online novel she was reading.

And one thing was clear in her mind, she was not ready to act like a white lotus.


"Rose, I know all about how you tortured your own sister everyday out of jealousy. I cannot get married to such a villain."

Ah!The slag fiance, a staple of the genre, Daisy thought.

"I am ashamed of having a daughter like you. You are disowned from the family." The father whose infedilty resulted in illegitimate daughter said rather triumphantly.

Through all this Daisy was frozen. Her mind was quickly filling in the gaps but her body was frozen. She wanted to move, talk , do something at least but her limbs would not obey for some reason.

She had at most a few minutes before the chapter ended and the female lead was thrown out in the streets. This was Daisy's last chance to do something, anything that could help the Rose and prevent Daisy from being on the her future hit-list.

She was too late. Rose was gone. Jason Michaels the slag fiance had announced Daisy as his future bride, the gossip was spread and just like that the prologue was over.

Aa she stood hand in hand with Jason getting congratulations from everyone, all she could think was

"I'm screwed".

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