Bloody Fate Book

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Bloody Fate


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Her dark ruby eyes are like molten lava heating me up with just a look, the smug smirk on her lush lips tells me she knows what effect she had on me. The games are fun but I want more. More than she is willing to give. This roundabout dance hot and confusing and never enough. She knows I can't have her and that's all the challenge she needs to take me. The female vampire never does though, leaving me wanting and cold when she leaves. My betrothed makes it all the more difficult with his kind smile and patience. But the cruelty hidden in his soft teal eyes leaves me wondering exactly what he gains from our engagement and what will he do to get what he wants? When I meet them My world if changed forever good or bad be damned, the fate of the world suddenly thrust on to me I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.


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