bloodthirsty scarlet girl (HAITUS)bloodthirsty scarlet girl (HAITUS)

bloodthirsty scarlet girl (HAITUS)

by Amykuran

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she was a treasure to her family. everything has changed that night. Her princess life turned to common girl. everyone she trusted were all well hidden snakes among humans. She lost everything that night her family, her so called friends and relatives. Her mind is only saying her to kill everyone of them. "Brother what should i do now?" "Mia dont forget you stil have me" She hugged her brother and started crying. She cried for almost half an hour. "Do you want to leave all the people alive don't you want to avenge for your parents. Are you that weak or your afraid?" "Haha" she let a loud laugh."I have no reason to live, from today I'll live for avenging my parents." See the journey of Mia JENE later turned to Amelia Lopez to be a strong and bright shining star. How she avengers for her parents.

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