Bloodlust Parasite 木山田土土 Book

novel - Fantasy

Bloodlust Parasite 木山田土土


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[Unfortunately, This novel started and went into hiatus immediately. It will be continued in the future.] I, a great monarch, was killed. Cliche right? Pfft, I know that much already. However, my death was different. I was killed by my own blooding servant, and then I was born again … wait, I’m not finished yet—hold your horses. I was born again, but as a parasite. Now, I must feast on blood—a lot of blood; gallons of blood. I cannot consume food that is reaped by me. I am dependent upon living vessels to dwell forth. A host. Alas, it is time to rebuild my kingdom in these foreign lands of a new world of countless foes! For it is I, the Bloodlust Parasite!


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