3 3 Awakening?

It was the day before my birthday I and my father had been practicing swordplay It was different than any swordplay I saw nobles use back when I was in my other body. I learned that my father is part of one of the great family but he chooses a different path other than becoming a warrior so he was excited from the capital and sent to live in this place.

"When will this end "I murmured as my father kept pushing me to the brink of exhaustion. The only reason why I hadn't pass out yet was that I was using my ki to absorb part of the burden, but I don't know how much I can keep this up just when I was about to pass out a maid came ou side with drink and snacks and father said could take a break.

"you're getting better," he said as he was about to leave all I could do was sigh I was too tired to even talk. After sparring with my father I went to the library to read some more. after spending hours in the library I finally decided to train my ki again I found it more difficult this time because of the physical tool my doy was going through.

I woke up the next day in a panic I didn't even know when I fell asleep it was my birthday and I was excited after today I would be able to go to this so-called "magic academy" it was one of the most prestigious schools in the whole world and it cost a great deal of money to get into but because of my family background, and the connection my father had with the principle I was able to get into the academy without paying.

"master rayn" a butler called out. This surprised me as I jolted out of my deep thoughts to see who was calling my name, after seeing who it was I got up and asked what he wanted.

" it time the principal is here to see you," he said.. hearing this I got up dusted my body off and walked behind the butler as he led the way.

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As I walked into the room I saw my father sitting down with a guy the same age as him, but he was bulkier and with a long beard.

"He looks just like you," he said as he looked at me seizing me up and down. I felt a chill down my spine my instinct was warning me that he is a powerful person. after introducing myself I sat down.

" my name is rayn Hemsworthy I said as I sat myself down and shake his hand, all of a sudden an immense pressure came down on me i would've passed out if not for mass amount of ki I have been building since young.

"I told you he was not your average kid" my father said with a bright smile on his face. I suddenly had this felling that I could not let him down. All the man did was let out a grunt but he kept eyeing me it looked like he new I was concerning my ki.

"we leave in 5 days " the man said as got up and walked away from the palor. my father quickly rushed after him but before he left he turned around and gave me thumbs up.

I just sat there thinking about how strong he was but not as strong as the ancestors. it seems like this world have forgotten to the ancient refining methods but I don't blame them humanity often pick the lazy route.

"well that went great"I murmured as I realized that I was the only one sitting in the room. Now that I think about it I have never meet anyone my age before my parents have always been keeping me was from the outside world except when we went to the market the maids. I decided to skip out on dinner and sleep early, but as drifted into sleep I could not help but think how the next five days would be and how life without my parents would be.

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