2 2 New world

It has been eons before I would be reborn so I really don't know what the world had become.

The mountains should have moved, technology should have evolved I was really excited. At first, I wanted to get up and go outside but then I realized that I was unable to in my current state. I was still a baby not having your freedom is really frustrating even when I tried to talk all that came out was giggles and nonsense.

Although it had already been two days it seems like my mother had not woken up yet.

that stupid old hag kees coming back keeps coming back and every time she picks me up I piss on her face at least that entertained me. I would daydream for several more day until mother woke up and took me to the city.

"he has eyes like his father", mother said when she saw me. we rested for a few more days then headed for the city. I was curious why my father was not there when my mother was giving birth, but I learned from eavesdropping on the old hags that my father was a very busy man I worked as a merchant.

we rode through the wood for hours.. I slept almost 5 times but during the last hour, I woke just in time to see a beautiful city. The carriage driver dropped us off at a large mansion where four maids came out to help mother and me. As we walked into the house a huge bulky man came and grabbed me from mother.

"He has my eyes mary," he said. this guy was really happy over a pair of eyes I thought but other than that nothing interesting really happened for the rest of the day.

The next day I knew my family name we are the Hemsworth. It seems like my family is more low in status than I would imagine. Today I wanted to see if I could still harness my ki so I spun around as hard as I could in my crib to a sitting position. Focusing on my heartbeat and my breathing I entered a trance that was familiar oh I had missed this feeling.

"well he's a quiet one," said father as he walked in from work exhausted. pretending to be asleep so that they don't catch on to what I was doing. I listened closely to what they were saying but I could only hear a few details.

" i hope he ______one day", father said . I couldn't make out what my mother said after so I decide d to give up. it takes a lot of energy to stay awake as I slowly drift into my concentration a fell asleep.

The next day I woke up with a pain in my chest it seems that my ki is moving out of control, . Instantly entering a meditation state tried to fix it even a single mistake and would end up dead. It was not easy even the slightest mistake could kill me.

my ki was like a sea during a storm. It was very unstable using all the power I could muster to settle it down. If this ever happened again I would surely die.

It's now been 8 months since I was born. I could walk but not as fast and talk. when I showed this my parents were surprised I guess it's unusual for 8 mouths to walk so early.

"I told you he's going to be a genius just like me," father said jumping up and down as he could not control his joy. I got really dizzy and when I was just about to puke mother snatched me from my father.

"do you think he is going to be a warrior class or a mage I guess we will just have to wait till he turns 9," mother said. she had this bright smile on her face which made me happy.

Two weeks passed and I had ask for my father to give me a world map and a knowledge book.

"A knowledge book what's that", he asked confused about what I was referring to. We sat there in silence for about ten minutes until realized what I meant. He laughed it off and went to the parlor to read some documents.

when I woke up in the afternoon my book and map had been delivered to. The moment I saw it I stood up rolled down the map and looked at it. what has the world changed so much of course I already knew that but I didn't expect it to be this worse.

I read the knowledge book for about half an hour till mother came to take me to dinner. starving I finished my plate thank mother and father and went straight to sleep. It took me a while to fall asleep because all I could think about is how the ki refining forms are different in this world than mine. I guess the arts of the immortals had been lost or is that everyone in this era is just soft. Lucky for me I learned what I could from the master in the after life so I have learned most of them.

"People in this era must be really strong, but no one is going to stope me from my rise power" , I murmured right before I dozed off.

Winter can and didn't go for a long time. Father went to work more often than usual and mother was always knitting. I had nothing to do so I request for father to give me wooden sword to spar . Every day I would wake up do a couple of laps around the mansion I need my body to be in extreme condition so that I could harness the rest of my stored up ki.

1000 punch-ups

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500 laps

200 situps every single day for 3 months.

After a few more years of refining and exercising it was finally my 15 birthday.

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